11 Unusual Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

Anyone who wants to protect the environment indulges in recycling to whatever means possible. Making environmentally friendly choices is very important to reduce the carbon footprint of an individual. But there are many more things that are in recycling besides paper or plastic.

One should be aware of everything they can do to protect the environment. In the article, we are in the distance multiple unusual things that you didn’t know could be recycled. Choosing to use information can lead to a better quality of life and a greener lifestyle.

1. Batteries

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One of the primary reasons why people advocate against using batteries is because of their lack of reusability. One has to understand that while some batteries are not recyclable, many others fit into the category. Sum of the battery types can see better use or rechargeable batteries and single use options. The nearby recycling center will provide more information on their process. It is not only good for the individual but also needs sustainable practices by businesses.

2. Cardboard Boxes

Everyone knows that cardboard boxes are easily reusable and generally, they are mixed with paper. Reusability is a primary reason how one can make environmentally friendly decisions. They can use the boxes for different purposes until it is ready to carry anything. Bigger businesses also reuse these boxes until they become protection for products that are being shipped to a long distance.

3. Carpet

Not many people might know but carpet is one or those unusual things that may lead to a decrease in landfill diversion. There are many services that will take your old carpet and use it for different purposes when you no longer need it.

Throwing it away contacts your reclamation facility and helps your old things become new again in a different way. One way to check the recyclability of your carpet is by contacting the manufacturer. They will let you know if there are any programs that can help.

4. Clothes

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Not many people know this but clothes can be recycled. We often donate older clothes or just use them until they are threadbare. One can also send them to a reclamation facility where different parts of the cloth piece will be utilized for different purposes. One of the ways in which this is done is by making new apparels out of the older pieces of clothing. It is important to know the rules and regulations of the facility because some may only take a certain type of cloth.

5. Light Bulbs

Not all light bulbs are recyclable but fluorescent light bulbs fit the bill. These items are better sent to a recycling company rather than the landfill. Many big companies also collect fluorescent light bulbs for eco-friendly purposes.

6. CDs and DVDs

Anyone who owns a large set of CDs and DVDs can now dispose of them without worrying about the environmental consequences. Sometimes the compact discs become two scratched to be used again, so they need to be discarded.

However, throwing them away should be the last three courses and one should try to send them to companies that repurpose them for further use. Old DVDs fit the same bill and can be easily recycled rather than ending up in the trash. Many manufacturers will gladly take them off your hands as they are used for making cartridges after being mixed with some other materials.

7. Computers

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There are a lot of parts in a computer that may be easily recycled if you want to make a new setup. Both a personal computer and laptop is constituted of various smaller parts most of which may be repurposed or recycled. It is important that you contact the recycling program of your city to know how to help. Going on the Internet and finding resources for the same is also a good idea.

8. Sunglasses

One item that people do not think about when it comes to recycling are eyeglasses. There are times when there is a crack or another issue with the glasses rendering them useless or irreparable. Other times, you just may be bored of the older design and might need something new.

There are many companies manufacturing recycled sunglasses which make for an environmentally conscious choice. There are different components in an eyeglass that can be recycled separately. One of them is the nose protector. The lenses and the plastic in the frames are also easy to re-purpose.

9. Motor Oil

Anyone who owns a car knows that the motor oil needs to be changed periodically for better performance. But when you remove the older motor oil, have you ever wondered what happens to it? One of the things done to your old motor oil is storing and processing so that it can be reused. Depending on your geographical location, you can engage in re-purposing practices. The state of the city has certain rules related to recyclability of motor oil.

10. Phones

Much like a computer laptop or any electronic device, cell phones are also made of different constituent parts. Different parts have different uses and can be easily repurposed. The manufacturing market will be more than ready to take your older cell phones and reuse them. However, one should follow the local guidelines before handing over their older cell phone devices to any manufacturing company.

11. Packing Materials

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There is a law that can be done with packing materials once they arrive at your doorstep. Whenever you order anything online, it will arrive with different packing materials so that the product remains intact.

However, all of that packaging is unnecessary once the product is retrieved. Some of the common packing materials include foam, bubble wraps, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and packing peanuts. While most of them can be reused at your home, you can also send them over to a reclamation facility.

The Takeaway

There is a list of things that can be reused, re-purposed or recycled. One should follow the state guidelines on how to hand over the material to the reclamation facility.