10 Best Places to Visit in April in India – 2021 Guide

When you think of the places to visit in India, then you will find an abundance of them for sure. Whatever the season, weather, time, and climate, you can find top places to travel. Just take a look at the map and you’ll find loads of destinations from your east to west, north to south and that’s without factoring in the other locations. And this spells a good time for a traveling enthusiast.

The month of April is known to be the start of the summer in India but with so many places to visit, you can never be in scarcity for your next trip ever. All it takes is a bit of lookup and you’ll get a list of places to visit during this month. A thing to notice is that traveling during April would be different from that of the months of winter where you go for snow-clad peaks and areas. This time it’s more about exploring the hill stations, the hustle, and bustle of different towns in India, and other places.

We here picked up some of these along to make a list of the best places to visit in India during April. And believe us, you’d be in for a trip of your life with these places. Let’s check out. 

Best Places to Visit in April in India

#1. Srinagar  

img source: agoda.net

Let’s start our trip with a visit to this mystique city of Srinagar. One of the largest cities of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar is a place to be at all times. Nevermind the month of April, you can even visit this place all year long. But April presents a favorable time as the weather is all perfect for a great stroll around. You can find this ‘Heaven on Earth’ place filling you with enormous magic and soothing relief once you travel here.

The place has a beautiful sight of colorful Shikaras on Dal Lake where you can indulge in the view. You can also enjoy the boat market in Srinagar which is famous all over. The place has magnificent gardens and features flowers that are worth a click. You can find yourself indulging in the lip-smacking dishes on offer here. The weather during April is pleasant with just 8 to 21 degrees Celcius and is perfect for travel. The means of travel are easy and you can access air, road and rail network to reach here. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Dal Lake
  • Char Chinar
  • Mughal Gardens
  • Kheer Bhawani Temple
  • Shalimar Bagh

Things to Experience 

  • Indulge in paragliding
  • Boat in the Shikaras
  • Local sightseeing
  • Local foods
  • Traditional handicrafts in the local market

#2. Mount Abu

img source: audleytravel.com

The second place to feature in our list of best places to visit in April is Mount Abu, a picturesque destination in Rajasthan. It is one of the famous places to go to in India and a fine one for April as the heat and wind are fine during this time. The place is loaded with green luscious beauty and has magnificent beautiful sights to behold. 

The place has one of the best architectures around with places like Dilwara Jain temple giving you a sight to remember. The place is packed with top picks like Nakki Lake, Wildlife Sanctuary, and more. You can find the temperature at an optimum during April making it a good time for a quick roundabout to the place. You can also go and pay a visit to the Bhrahmakumari ashram located in Mount Abu. The means of access to Mount Abu is through railway and roads. You can also use the airport located in Udaipur. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Nakki Lake
  • Dilwara Temple
  • Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Brahmakumari Ashram 

Things to Experience 

  • Boat riding
  • Architectural beauty
  • Explore the serenity

#3. Manali

img source: oyorooms.com

The beauty of Manali is that it is not time-bound and affixed when it comes to traveling. For sure, people love the snows of the winters here but many people pay a visit to this majestic town during the summer too. No doubt it is named as the ‘Honeymoon Capital of India’. Manali is a town that is nestled in between the Dhauladhar peaks in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It has a picturesque look at just oozes out beauty.

Manali has awe-inspiring views, crystal clear water rivulets, and streams, and a valley that just brings around a beautiful view of flowers and more. You can also take a peek into the pine tree forest of this town. The weather’s quite good during April and is best suited for people who wants a indulge in nature with their partner and families. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a solo backpackers heaven, it is. You can go to Rohtang pass lying around 52 kms away from this town to indulge in ice skating if the ice is there. Manali can be reached via road travel though there’s also an airport in Bhuntar, around 50 kms away. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Rohtang Pass
  • Solang Valley
  • Nehru Kund
  • Hadimba Temple 

Things to Experience 

  • Paragliding
  • Boating
  • Trekking
  • Hiking
  • Horse riding 

#4. Lonavala

img source: wikimedia.org

Lonavala, a place that has echoed into history due to the extensive usage in Bollywood movies and other trip guides. Didn’t you feel like giving this place a shot every time you heard people talk about Lonavala, we did. Lonavala is a perfect getaway destination for friends and families. It comes with great scenic views and a fine soothing climate rejuvenating you from the inside. 

The place lies on Sahyadri Hills and is one of the prime destinations to travel to. It is a perfect tourist and vacation place and is filled with people on the weekends. The place has a moderate climate during April and presents a great escape from the tiring hustle and bustle of the city. It lies a mere couple of hours of drive from Mumbai and can be reached easily via road. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Lonavala Lake
  • Bushi Dam
  • Rajmachi Fort 

Things to Experience 

  • Camping
  • Picnic 
  • Hiking 

#5. Dharamsala 

img source: karmagroup.com

A gem of a place, Dharamsala is something right out of the fairy tale. A place with the majestic mountains surrounding it, this one is not just picturesque but a heavenly bode. The place is part of Himachal Pradesh’s beautiful gift to India and has lush green areas with beautiful sights to behold. You can find the place full of warm vibes that will uplift your mood and spirit.

The place is known for its surreal and soothing offering that makes it a great one. The place has been a recreational and moksha heaven for anyone looking for a place apart from Rishikesh to indulge in nature’s lap. You can find the area liking for a day out with the temperature ranging from 15 to 24 degrees Celcius. 

The place has major attractions like Kangra valley, the beautiful HPCA cricket ground, the Tibetian museum, and more. It’s easy to reach Dharamsala via road connectivity. You can also access the rail to Pathankot railway station, a good 85 kms far. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Kangra Valley
  • HPCA cricket stadium
  • Tibetian museum
  • War memorial 

Things to Experience 

  • Paragliding
  • Camping and cave camping
  • Indulge in adventure
  • Explore the local foods and serene culture 

#6. Pachmarhi

img source: adotrip.com

The heart of India is home to plenty of getaway destinations that do not get the same level of marketing or the extravaganza that others get. Yes, we’re talking about the majestic places of Madhya Pradesh which is nestled right at the heart of India. Pachmarhi is one such hill station that is located in the Hoshangabad district of this state. The place is a great holiday destination. 

The place derives its name from Five Caves. The place is also known as the Queen of Satpura. It has a great breathtaking view and is the only hill station of Madhya Pradesh. You can find the place full of sights of rivers, streams, waterfalls, green forests and more. The place is also home to a biosphere reserve and makes a great option for visiting in April. The route to Pachmarhi can be accessed with road travel or via the nearest railway in Pipariya. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Biosphere reserve
  • Pandav cave
  •  Satpura national park
  • Jatshankar caves

Things to Experience 

  • Ziplining
  • Hiking
  • Waterfall trek
  • Cycling 

#7. Ooty 

img source: cloudfront.net

Ooty is one of the prime destinations in India and is a perfect getaway for the summer months. The place is located in Tamil Nadu and is gloriously known as the Queen of Hill Station. It has been a popular vacation place and tourist attraction and sees people come from all over India to enjoy the serenity here. 

The place is full of green hills giving your eyes the required soothing away from the hectic life of the city ad also provides picturesque sights to behold. It has rolling hills, lakes, a plethora of waterfalls, and more. The hill station also has tea and spice farming and plantations. The weather is pretty cool in April making it a perfect time for a trip. You can reach Ooty via road connectivity. You can also go to Nilgiri Mountain Railway for a trip of a lifetime. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Ooty lake
  • Emerald lake
  • Rose garden
  • Kalhatti falls 
  • Botanical garden 

Things to Experience 

  • Boating 
  • Toy train ride
  • Chocolates and local tea

#8. Kasauli

img source: stackpathcdn.com

There are so many hill stations in India that you can visit during the summer months that you will get tired of traveling. Don’t worry, the traveling won’t get you tired. Instead, it will reinvigorate you with all those memories and fun. One such hill station that is worth visiting is Kasauli. This is a place that is nestled near Shimla and is a colonial town with colonial architecture and patterns distinctively visible. 

The place comes with the likes of fresh hillside views and gives you the perfect scenic beauty to devour. It is a perfect place to relax around and let all your tiredness and stress go away. You can simply go to Kasauli and unwind your entire stress. The weather is great during April with a cool temperature. The place can be easily reached via road connectivity with buses running daily between Kasauli and other major cities. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Sunset point
  • Baptist church
  • Monkey point 

Things to Experience 

  • Unwind yourself
  • Dive into the scenic beauty
  • Take a stroll 

#9. Goa

img source: tripadvisor.com

When we talk of places to visit in India, how can we leave behind Goa, the true place in the bucket list of every person? It is one of the majestic lands nestled as a pocket-sized paradise. The place is a dream come true and if you look at April, this will give the best rejuvenating sight and relaxation to you. The place is full of life and fun and you cannot miss this.

There is so much to explore in this little Portuguese-influenced town. It has the best morning sunshine, the best foods originated from the mix of Indian and Portuguese culture and the local warmth. It is said that Goa never sleeps and rightly so as the place is the party and carnival region of India. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Goa Wildlife Reserve 
  • Baga Beach
  • Chapora Fort

Things to Experience 

  • Experience the party and fun
  • Find solace on the beach of Goa
  • Indulge in lip-smacking food

#10. Coonoor 

img source: oyorooms.com

Another of the fine hill stations located in the state of Tamil Nadu, this one is for the travelers who want something different from Ooty. The place lies just 19 kms far from Ooty and is home to one of the most spell-bounding sights you can ever see in life. The place is home to green hills, beautiful scenery, luscious green beauty, and natural purity. 

The place has awesome weather in April and makes for a great place for a quick trip. You can easily reach here by road or even by using the toy train ride of the Nilgiri Mountain Railways. The place has loads of sights and experiences to make.

Don’t forget to visit

  • Hidden Valley
  • Law’s Falls
  • Sim’s Park 

Things to Experience 

  • Toy train ride
  • Sightseeing
  • Trekking 

The months of April are perfect for a getaway and making the best of fine weather. There are plenty of places around India for a trip during these times. We picked out some of the best ones and hope that you have a good time exploring these majestic places.

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