3 Fun Things You Can Do in Jacksonville That Don’t Cost a Dime

Beach vacations are always assumed to be expensive, from the airfare to where you’re staying and the activities that are needlessly overpriced: how does anyone afford fun on a budget?

Thankfully, Jacksonville, Florida, is one of the most affordable cities on Earth: and it’s on one of the most famous beaches out there. These are three free things anyone can enjoy in Jacksonville on their next trip!

Why Visit Jacksonville?

If you’ve never been to Jacksonville, you might not be sure what all of the hype is about. Jacksonville, Florida, is an awesome beach town with amazing nightlife and countless fun things to do and see. Known for its long history and connection to party culture, it’s popular for visitors of every age group and is one of the best stops anyone can make while they’re on vacation.

Beyond that: Jacksonville is one of the most affordable beach cities in the state, allowing people to vacation for cheaper, and have a chance at having fun on a budget. This is something that few other cities allow these days!

1. Have Fun at Atlantic Beach

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Atlantic Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the county! Known for its bright white sand and fantastic tides, you’ll love playing in the sun, tanning, or just having fun with loved ones. This beach has been getting cleared in recent years and is cleaner and more beautiful than it’s ever been. A great place to visit for free!

2. Learn at Fort Caroline National Memorial

If you want a reason to fall in love with the beauty of Florida and consider looking at houses for rent in Jacksonville: it’s time to check out Fort Caroline National Memorial. This memorial honors the short-lived French presence in 16th-century Florida. You can take in the natural beauty of the state, paired with gorgeous rock paths, ancient buildings, and fantastic fresh air. This is a great way to learn about the history of the area while still getting to enjoy its present beauty.

3. Get Inspired at the Riverside Arts Market

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Free as long as you’re just window shopping, the Riverside Arts Market is an awesome stop for anyone to make! Not only do you get to see local artists show off their creations, but you also get to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

What to Pack!

When planning a trip to Jacksonville, it’s important to make your plans as early as possible! Packing for Jacksonville means making sure you’re staying cool, not getting too much sunlight, and you’re hydrated. Because of this, the best things to pack for a trip here include at least two swimsuits, a water bottle you can refill, and sunscreen that’s strong enough for your complexion.

If you plan on straying from the beach and checking out the memorials and market: it’s a good idea to grab some insect repellent as well! This state is infamous for the size and number of its mosquitos.

Have Fun in the Sun in Jacksonville!

Jacksonville is a fantastic city with beautiful beaches, endless entertainment, and low prices that anyone could handle. Consider making a trip here soon!