7 Cycling Routes in India That Every Cyclist Must Try!

We’ve heard of the daredevil cyclists riding past the Cliffs of Moher or challenging the rugged terrains of the Dolomites in Italy or perhaps the Alps; it is indeed every adventure cyclist’s dream to tackle terrains that are not only thrilling but treacherous as well. One wrong slip, and you’ll be landing in death’s arms! However, certain geographies also hold scenic beauty while giving that thrill, and they are all present within the extraordinary country of India. Let’s look at some of these trails that you’d like to tackle either alone or with your friends:

1. The luscious roads of Rajasthan:

with the Thar desert on either side, the scorching sun on top, and a mirage in front of you, the gorgeous highways of Rajasthan are excellent for cycling. Whether you’re trying Jaipur to Udaipur or perhaps Jodhpur to Bikaner, your trip will be like a colourful splash against a sandy beige.

2. Coorg to Munnar:

Source: theculturetrip.com

two neighbouring states gifted with the best tea plantations, luscious evergreen forests and a pleasant mistiness, the journey from Land of Gold [Karnataka] to God’s Own Country [Kerela] will be nothing short of mesmerising. Your journey will be fulfilling at the soul level and nurtured by the rich cultures and cuisines.

3. Mangalore to Goa:

a somewhat beachy affair, this route falls on the NH66 and gives us a glimpse of the beautiful river Supernova and the Marvanthe beach. Exploring the Indian coastline is a blessing with the richness of coconut trees and the daunting Western Ghats; any rider would be lucky to traverse this gorgeous trail and immerse themselves in the Konkan culture. Do stop by to explore some delicious cuisine as well.

4. Mumbai to Trivandrum:

this trip is for the avid bikers who want to explore the thickest of the forest and beautiful coastlines. This ride will take you across the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerela. Taking this trip will be a great introduction to nature and the distinct cultures these states represent.

5. The hilly states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand:

a ride like no other; you can tackle the Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh or the Kumaon and Garhwal regions in Uttarakhand. The Lower Himalayan Range is anything but ‘lower’; they are majestic and regal and every mountain cyclist’s dream. With gorgeous locations like Nanda Devi, Almora and Binsar, there is so much to explore on your cycles in these two states!

6. Manali to Leh:

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a route that needs no introduction, the Manali to Leh biking trip is a beautiful opportunity to explore the hills and the culture. This bike packing from Manali to Leh explore numerous passes like the Rohtang pass, Baralacha pass and so much more. The Zing Zing Bar is a tea house way-station where you’ll stop to recuperate, it is one of the few must-see locations on the itinerary. For this trip, every cyclist must pack adequately and spend days training in strength and endurance to be their fittest. This mountain biking trip will be a challenge to our wills and personal limits. However, upon accomplishing the journey all the way to Leh, you’ll feel a shift within you that’ll change the perspective and philosophy with which you live your life.

7. Arunachal Pradesh:

the seven sisters are a cluster of states with great diversity and rich cultures. Flora and fauna differ from state to state, but one of them is Arunachal Pradesh. The ride from Bhalukpong to Tawang is dangerous for seasoned riders. Are you up for the challenge? You can also try out the Guwahati to Tawang cycling expedition, it is a delight for nature lovers and adventurers alike and will take you through luscious alpine forests. You will also have a chance to explore Dirang Valley and the frosty Sela Pass. This route is perfect if you want to explore the Arunchali culture. It’s said that the Dalai Lama used this route to escape Tibet to India and is a site of the Sino-Indian war of 1962.

It is indeed an experience of a lifetime to tackle these terrains; one must record these experiences either by journaling or through pictures and videos. A cycling ride like this will stay with you forever and will make you appreciate nature even more. India houses a variety of geographies and one must take up their bikes and explore them. Cycling through these locations will change something within us, it will be soulful and deep.