11 Best Places to Visit in December in India – 2024 Guide

India is home to plenty of natural places that are worth visiting. With such a diverse length and breadth of land stretching from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India presents a great opportunity for any travel seeker. The thing about traveling is that there’s so much to explore and that’s what encaptivates people. 

Travelling isn’t time-restricted but some places are worth visiting depending upon the time and seasons. One of those picks of the seasons is the winter months of December, which presents such an avid time to explore and enjoy the snowcapped areas to the soothing natural relaxing area. Add to that the year-end rebooting period that can rejuvenate you for the next year along, December is a month that should be on your top list for vacation. 

Best Places to Visit in December in India

Here’s us taking a look at the best places that you can pay a visit to during December. Let’s check them out. 

#1. Shimla

img source: clubmahindra.com

When you talk about winters, let alone December and traveling, Shimla, located in Himachal Pradesh is often the first pick of the lot. Also known as the ‘Queen of Hills’, Shimla is a place to be during the snow peak time of December, you’ll find people flocking the town during Christmas and New Year. It has lush green scenery that soothes the soul along with the snow-capped mountains in the distance. The weather’s all fine and comes with the perfect getaway for someone. 

Shimla has plenty of places that you can explore. The Ridge, which lays homage to the entire city is a great location for sightseeing. It also has Kufri on the nearby and places like Mall Road, temples, and more. And the road to reach Shimla is just as awesome. You can also hop into a toy train ride for your enjoyment. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Kufri
  • Himalayan Bird Park
  • Chadwick Falls
  • Jakhoo Hills
  • Tara Devi Temple 

Things to Experience 

  • Toy train
  • Horse ride
  • Sightseeing on the Ridge
  • Stroll on the Mall Road 

#2. Manali

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If Shimla is on the list, then Manali is going to be on it. Manali, a snow-clad place is a home to mesmerizing sights and experiences. Located in Himachal Pradesh, Manali is nestled in between Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal mountains. It has natural beauty and serenity that goes without saying. There are quite a few attractions that pull you into its arms in this place. Manali remains one of the best places to visit in India for a winter getaway and is perfect for ice skating, snow-related activities, and more. 

You can reach out to places like Rohtang Pass located merely 50 kms from the town of Manali and experience the thrills and joys of an awe-inspiring winter. It is great for adventure junkies and more. It’s great for trekking and enjoying your December.

Don’t forget to visit

  • Hadimba Temple
  • Solang Valley
  • Rohtang Pass
  • Nehru Kund
  • Vashist Hot Springs 

Things to Experience 

  • Ice skating 
  • Paragliding
  • Explore the serenity
  • Trekking

#3. Dalhousie

img source: vargiskhan.com

Another perfect winter getaway for the enthusiasts, Dalhousie is a perfect picturesque town in India and sees people coming together every snow-clad month to celebrate. The place has been loved and endeared for generations and continues to be known as one of the best places to visit in winter. It has perfect snow-clad mountains, snowflakes, and deodar forests that are filled with snow during December. 

It’s great for trekking and biding your time in peace and tranquility. It has plenty of junctions and areas that will uplift your vacation moods in an instant. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Satdhara Falls
  • Dainkund Peak
  • Khajjiar Peak
  • St. Francis Catholic Church 

Things to Experience 

  • Explore the woods
  • Paragliding
  • Dive into Satdhara Falls
  • Scenic hikes into the forest

#4. Thajiwas Glacier/ Sonamarg

img source: tourmyindia.com

Our next pick for the best winter getaway in December is Thajiwas Glacier, a place located in Kashmir. It is well known that Kashmir abodes the heaven on earth and this place is a testament to it. It is home to the perfect sightseeing and glacier feel it. The weather of the place is great and features a perfect holiday celebration. 

Thajiwas glacier is right around Sonamarg which is a perfect area for adventure. You can reach Sonamarg and then pay a visit to the glacier. There are other places too like Satsar lakes, Gadsar lakes, Krishnasar lake and more in the area. You can also opt for camping, fishing, and other adventure expeditions here.  

Don’t forget to visit

  • Satsar lake
  • Gadsar lake
  • Thajiwas glacier
  • Baltal valley
  • Yusmarg 

Things to Experience 

  • Adventure sports
  • Camping
  • Fishing 
  • Trekking

#5. Auli

img source: nainitalcorbetttourism.com

Another gem of a place, Auli is one of those bucket list destinations on everyone’s list for vacation. And who wouldn’t love to travel to this great place? It’s full of awe-inspiring beauty and natural scenic views that simply mesmerize someone. You cannot find a better winter destination than this one for sure. It has a fantastic and simply lovable ski resort along with perfect adventure getaways. 

The place is full of visitors all year round, but December is the month where it becomes a perfect place to opt for. There are your cable car rides, snow-filled fun, adventure, exploring of the nearby snow peaks, and more. It has great sighting and is perfect for a nature enthusiast. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Trishul Peak
  • Kwani Bugyal
  • Gurso Bugyal
  • Rudraprayag
  • Nanda Devi National Park 

Things to Experience 

  • Delve in the mesmerizing views
  • Capture the moments
  • Indulge in adventure
  • Explore the nearby areas

#6. Gulmarg

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With beautiful Himalayan peaks and majestic natural views, this place is something to be at. Located in a pristine area, Gulmarg will surely take your senses away. It has one of the best lush green areas full of fir trees, daisy flowers, butterflies, and more. The place is merely just 52 kms away from Srinagar, another exotic place to visit in winters. 

The town of Gulmarg is part of Baramulla. It has a place known as Gondola, famous for being the highest and longest cable car in Asia. It’s a place designed for peak winters and snow months. People flock to the town from December to February. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Gondola
  • Apharwat Peak
  • Rani Temple
  • Kongdori 

Things to Experience 

  • Ride the cable car
  • Take a walk in Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve
  • Enjoy the culture
  • Enjoy the ski

#7. Chopta

img source: cloudinary.com

For those who want a subtle yet natural place that can not only give them the best of recreation but also help them expedite their trip better, Chopta would be the perfect place for you. It comes with such natural beauty that will hold you in high spirits. It is one of the perfect places for the winter seasons and offers plenty of things to visitors. 

Chopta is located in Uttarakhand, a state that is known for its natural beauty and offers great visible sights. You can find places like snow-filled areas of Nanda Devi, Trishul, and more. This place has a higher altitude than Auli and many prefer to tour both as part of the package. But Chopta in itself is a great place to be. Make your way to the local areas and divulge yourself in the food and the culture of the place. Also, take your camera with you as you’d like to dive into the panoramic scenes of the place. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Tungnath 
  • Deoria Tal
  • Omkar Ratneshwas Mahadev
  • Kanchula Korak Musk Deer Sanctuary 

Things to Experience 

  • Trek around Tungnath
  • Explore the sanctuary
  • Divulge in the local foods

#8. Goa

img source: holidaysplease.co.uk

Goa is and will always be the dream place for everyone whether it’s a summer or a winter month. It doesn’t matter what season or weather is ongoing, Goa always embraces the travelers with open arms. Also known as the fun capital of India, Goa is a place where everything simply stops and allows people to enjoy the moment fully. It has plenty of areas to explore and comes with one of the most scenic beaches ever.

Goa is one of the pocket-sized paradises that is located on the west coast. It is home to a prismatic culture that is perfect for explorers. It has the mesmerizing amalgamation of Indian and Portuguese culture that gives it an authentic vibe. You can find the sun-kissed mornings, spiritual getaways, mouth-watering cuisines, nightlife, and more in Goa. It’s perfect for December as the place opens up for year-end celebrations. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Baga Beach
  • Aquada Beach
  • Chapora Fort
  • Wildlife Sanctuary  

Things to Experience 

  • Explore the nightlife
  • Take part in the campfires
  • Wake up to the morning sunshine

#9. Rishikesh

img source: theculturetrip.com

There are so many winter places that are full of snow and natural beauty to explore in India. But equally important is places that can rejuvenate you and give you new meaning. With December being the month of ending the year, the new year should be started on fresh terms. Rishikesh is a destination that offers you the perfect opportunity to become a newly energized person. 

Rishikesh is located in Uttarakhand’s Tehri Garhwal area and is situated in the holy banks of the Ganges. It is a place that is right at home for natural beauty and exploration. There are plenty of places that give positive vibes in Rishikesh. It is also home to mythology and legendary stories. You can find the stunning natural riverside areas along with the mountains, blue skies, and beautiful moments here. The place is filled with people throughout the season right from January to December. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Neelkanth Mahadev Temple
  • Lakshman Jhula
  • Neer Garhi Falls
  • Yoga ashrams 

Things to Experience 

  • Adventure sports
  • Water rafting
  • Bodysurfing
  • Vipassana 

#10. Dawki

img source: nomadicweekends.com

A majestic place located in Shillong, the eastern side of India, this is where you should be this winter. It is a great place to be and is perfect for your December outing. The place falls to a pleasant temperature during December with the range being 12 to 20 degrees. It is a perfect place to be at. It is part of the hill station areas and is home to lofty cliffs on the side and crystal clear Umngot river.

The area is filled with natural beauty and has relishing foods to go with. The Umngot river that we talked about has such clear water that you will feel as if the boat is floating on the surface. The place also has areas like Dawki bridge to visit and explore. You can also take a look at the local food production and bit into their offerings. Also, take a few freshly grown oranges and dive into it. You’ll surely love it. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Dawki Bridge
  • Umngot river 

Things to Experience 

  • Local delicacies
  • Boat riding in Umgnot river
  • Walk on the bridge
  • Oranges

#11. Coorg

img source: cntraveller.in

The months of winter are known for warm drinks like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more. And it is needed to beat the chills of winter. Why not take a plunge and find out the perfect winter drink this December with a trip to Coorg. It is a place that is filled with history and comes with so much to offer. Also known as the ‘Scotland of India’, this is where you should be this December. It has tourists all year round, but the winter months make a great trip to this place located in Madikeri.

 You can find the ravishing beauty, green luscious landscapes, range of hills, and lip-smacking cuisine for offer. It has ancient history riding on the place and you can dive into as much as you want. It is perfect for those who want to find history, explore the places, and seek aroma filled cuisines. It also has the largest coffee production in India making it a heaven for coffee lovers. 

Don’t forget to visit

  • Abbey falls
  • Madikeri Fort
  • Cauvery shankaramana 

Things to Experience 

  • Local cuisine
  • Martial arts
  • Festivals
  • Tranquility

There are plenty of places to hit home this winter month of December and it’s quite hard picking up just a few from the land of such great locations. These places enlisted here are some of the top getaway destinations and areas for people to explore in December and we hope you can find your vacation place from this list. 

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