Understanding the Points-Based System for UK Skilled Worker Visas – 2024 Guide

Sometimes it is important to find a job that suits us, even if it costs us to go out of the country and work outside of it. There is nothing wrong with going to another country for work, it is an opportunity for many new things. So, for example, there is nothing wrong with going to the UK where there are currently a large number of job positions, but also a large number of opportunities for all those who want a career change. Are you looking to immigrate to the United Kingdom and embark on a new career? If so, you may be wondering what the points-based system is. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about the system and how it works, but we also have a large number of other data related to visas for workers.

The Points-Based System for UK Skilled Worker Visas (PBS) was introduced in 2012 as an effort to reduce the number of people coming to the UK for work, and also to limit the number of issued individual skilled worker visa in the UK. The PBS is a points-based system, which means that you are based on your qualifications and salary expectations. According to the points, it is decided who will be accepted and who will not be accepted, something that we will talk more about below, where we will go into more detail on the topic so that each of you can understand what the concept is about.

The PBS is designed to give employers a more accurate idea of who to hire and help them avoid working with illegal immigrants. However, it may not be suitable for everyone. If you are unsure whether the PBS is the right route for you, take a look at our guide which will help you understand what qualifications are needed and what salary range you should expect. So let’s see together a lot more on this topic in order to clarify the whole philosophy around visas and the whole philosophy around the concept of assessment. Let’s get started!

First of all, what kind of visa is it?

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In the beginning, it would be great to say something more about the visa we are talking about today. So it is good to mention that this visa is obtained exclusively by qualified workers who collect all the necessary documentation and then submit it to the immigration office where they review it. There is a whole process behind this concept. That process is led by employees who are experienced and who, through a scoring system, determine who will receive a work visa to be able to come to the UK and be part of the work processes of some of the companies.

Why is the points system the best?

The bureau responsible for granting visas says that from 2010 onwards, a large number of applications began to arrive, and that is precisely why the points system is indicated as good. Thus, the best applications, i.e. those that fulfill the conditions in the best way, have a real chance of getting a visa and receiving the highest number of points, while those that do not meet the conditions could not receive additional points and that why they have a small number of points. and they do not go through the process, that is, they do not receive a work visa.

How are points awarded?

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The allocation of points is the thing that most of you would be interested in, so for that reason, we decided to explain a little bit in this part in which we will talk about the number of points that everyone who would apply will get. So for example, anyone who would be under 26 years of age, would have adequate education, sufficient experience, and excellent knowledge of the English language and its speaking and writing, or anyone who would have sufficient experience in a specific skill would receive more points and would reach the minimum 70 points that are needed to get a visa. All those who would be below 70 points could not get a visa. It is also important to know that each of the positive aspects listed in the application and documentation will be valued with appropriate points.

The most important thing is to submit a complete application

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To be successful in this age-old scoring concept, all that is required is to submit a complete application. By full application, we mean all those documents that refer to education, further education, training, courses, skills, recommendations, short biographies, and everything else. All of that needs to be submitted together with the duly completed documents that are required for the visa and thus submitted to the immigration office where the decision will be awaited. Then the team scores the application and assigns points which, if there are enough, will be decisive in obtaining the visa.

It would be good if you ask for help from a legal office that would properly guide you on how to succeed in the application

Lawyers are the ones who know the rules best and know all the requirements that institutions and even immigration offices have. They would best guide you on what you need to do to get a UK to work visa. They will give you directions for all the necessary documents, but also for those documents that would be crucial for you to obtain a sufficient number of points. Therefore, feel free to contact a lawyer or legal office that would be the right choice for you and could help you successfully go through this process.


It is not difficult at all to get a work visa, but the ambiguities are what make this process seem difficult and impossible. Therefore, go through the guidelines that we have given you and the information that we have pointed out to you so that you can successfully go through the work visa approval process through the scoring concept that is determined by the UK authorities.