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12 Best Courier Services in India for 2024

With the rise in e-commerce sites, the dependency on courier services has increased. People do not have to be dependent on physically buying the products anymore. They can go ahead and purchase the products online, and these products are shipped to them. Not only the end-users but the businesses are also highly dependent on courier services. This sort of demand has given rise to many courier companies in the country. If you are planning to start an eCommerce company, then it is worth having a tie-up with the courier companies to get the services at an affordable price.

Even the brick-and-mortar stores have started entering the online model, and they also ship the products to their customers. Many brands also offer same-day delivery. To deliver the product to the customer on time and ensure that the product is not getting damaged, you need to ensure that the courier services you are choosing are highly reliable. 

We want you to grow, and we want you to choose the best courier services for your business. To help you choose, we have listed some of the best courier services available in India. You can go ahead and check out the best courier services in India so that you can choose one of these for your business. 

Top 12 Courier Services in India

In this section, we have listed the top 12 courier services available in India. Some of them also offer international delivery. You must ensure that the delivery partner gives you the ability to track the deliveries and the higher the offerings, the better the courier partner will be. You can go ahead and check out the details about these brands below, and it will help you in opting for a reliable business partner.

#1. DHLCourier Service DHL

DHL is one such company that doesn’t need any introduction. The company offers express services, freight transportation, supply chain solutions, e-commerce solutions and distribution solutions. You can partner with DHL no matter if you have a B2B or B2C model. This courier company also has an industry-based solution to help you transport the package with the utmost care. The payment options are abundant, and you will have the maximum choice available with these courier services. DHL is the most reliable option available, but the only drawback is that the shipping costs are slightly higher than the desi courier brands.

#2. Bluedart

Courier Service Bluedart

BlueDart is also a reliable courier service in India and what we love about Bluedart is the affordability associated with it. The brand offers various services, and it also aims at delivering the package in the lowest possible time. The brand has grown in a short period, and it has got global recognition for its services. Today, Bluedart ships to 220 countries and in such a case, this courier service can be your preferred courier partner if you are planning to go international. The services from this courier service are reliable, and the express delivery of the brand is certainly something that has grabbed a lot of attention globally.

#3. Indian Postal ServicesCourier Services in India

Indian Postal Services is one of the oldest service providers in India. It is a public company, and this entity provides an affordable solution to the users. The best part about Indian Post is that it has a considerable product extension and provides you with last-mile connectivity. Indian Postal Services cover all Pin Codes in India. You can partner with Indian Postal Services, and you will deliver the products across the globe. Apart from this, you get many services like doorstep collection, cash on delivery and the reliability of Indian Post. You can use the integrated portal of Indian Postal Services to use the company’s services. You get updates for tracking time to time. The Indian Postal Services is one of the most reliable partners when handling cash for cash on delivery orders. The brand also offers you the ability to remit the payment on the same day the item has been delivered. This helps you in keeping a high amount of liquidity in the business. Overall, one of the best offering available for the courier services in India is Indian Postal Services.

#4. FedEx

Courier Service FedEx

If you need a courier company that can ship domestically and internationally, you can go ahead and check out FedEx. The brand is known for priority overnight services in which it delivers the courier the next day to the selected destinations. The brand also offers standard solutions, and in India, FedEx provides economy solutions which promise standard delivery to the customer at economical rates. The price of economy solutions are very affordable, and you get the ultimate reliability of FedEx. You also get COD facility. Other services offered by FedEx is Delivery on invoice acceptance, freight on value, freight to collect and hold at FedEx location. Apart from this, FedEx offers heavyweight shipping as well, so it turns out to be a perfect offering for shipping consumer durables to the customers.

#5. DTDCCourier Service DTDC

Another reliable courier service available in India is DTDC Couriers. This brand had been present in India for a long time, and now, they have also embraced the technology to offer better services to their customers. The online experience provided by DTDC has improved, and you can book the deliveries in the nick of time. Apart from this, you can schedule the drop-off dates as well, and you do not have to worry about anything else. The package will be delivered safely to the customer. Apart from this, the courier company offers a host of services that you can book via their online portal. The brand also has a mobile application that would let you track the packages. DTDC supports international deliveries, and it also offers priority deliveries to you. You can get the package delivered on the same day without worrying for the delays. Overall, DTDC is quite a reliable brand to do business with.

#6. GatiCourier Service Gati

At number 6, we have a brand called Gati, and it is a specialized brand that not only deals with couriers, but it also deals with the delivery of perishables and home moves. When you are delivering the perishable goods to your clients, you want the delivery to be quick, and at the same time, you want to ensure that the package doesn’t get damaged in transit. For all such needs, you can contact Gati Limited. They are known to be the preferred choice for food deliveries. In addition to this, you can register your business with them, and they will provide you with access to their e-commerce portal. Using the portal, you can book the packages. They also offer same-day delivery in 6 metros in India. Apart from this, Gati uses air cargo for fast transit of goods so this way, you end up removing a lot of waste in the transition period. The brand also has a very proactive customer service so you can take advantage of their CRM. If your client is opting for the COD method, Gati will remit the payment just two days after receiving the payment.

#7. DelhiveryCourier Service Delhivery

Delhivery was incepted after the e-commerce force gathered pace in India. The brand gained exponential growth, and it is one of the leading preferences for domestic shipping. The brand offers diverse solutions for eCommerce companies, and it also believes in delivering the products quickly to the customer. The brand provides doorstep delivery & doorstep pickup services. Apart from this, the brand also provides support for international shipments. In case of returns, the brand also supports reverse logistics. Some of the unique services offered by this courier service include on-demand delivery, next day delivery, same-day delivery, cash on delivery and POS Payment on delivery.  The brand is one of the most preferred options for companies as well as customers.

#8. Ecom ExpressCourier Service Ecom Express

Ecom Express is yet another courier company in India and is also known for speed and agility. The brand offers a host of services to the companies, and the solutions are driven by technology. The brand covers over 27,000 pin codes in India, and it delivers to more than 2650 cities as well. If you are looking for affordable and reliable solutions, you can choose Ecom Express as your delivery partner.

#9. XpressBeeCourier Service XpressBee

Another popular choice of e-commerce companies is Xpressbee. Leading e-commerce organizations use the company, and it offers low-cost solutions to client partners. The brand not only provides reliable solutions, but it also provides the fastest delivery service in India. Apart from the regular same-day delivery, pick up facility and cash on delivery, the brand offers try and buy service. In try and buy service, the customer can try the apparel, and he can pay for the apparel by making an on-spot decision about the purchase. With such unique offerings, Xpressbee can change the dynamics of your business.

#10. DotZot

Courier Service DotZot

Another company that we would like to talk about today is DotZot. This company was founded in the year 2012, and by 2013, the company was delivering to 7500 pin codes across the country. The company has been very thoughtful to North East India, and in 2014, it became the first company to have an extensive network in 7 NE states. Today, the company caters to over 10,000 pin codes, and it also offers reverse logistics. The company has direct tie-up with 1000 stores across ten major cities. DTDC is one of the partners of DotZot, and apart from this, DotZot has over 10000 channel partners. You can opt for services from this company if you are looking for sustainable courier services in India.

#11. Wow ExpressCourier Service Wow Express

If you want to impress your customers with the wow factor, you can rely on wow Express. With their quick deliveries and easy to use interface, the customers will fall in love with the products. The Service Marshals of Wow Express are quick, and they reach out to your customer with a lot of enthusiasm. The service marshals of Wow express will always be very courteous to your customers. They can help you with quick deliveries, and they also take care of the package you are sending to the customers. The brand offers services like the first-mile connectivity, last-mile deliveries, reverse logistics, international couriers, warehouse solutions and health express services. If you are in the health domain and the customer needs to send you bodily fluids then wow express can pick them and deliver it to you. Many leading e-commerce portals are using this brand, and you can give it a try too.

#12. Shadow FaxCourier Service Shadow Fax

The last option in our list is Shadow Fax. This company offers various unique services that can prove to be of great use. You can use the Now facility, which is superfast hyperlocal service. You can use the connect service, which is a forward and reverse logistics system. The brand also provides 3PL services along with task management services. Shadow Fax caters to sectors like Food, Auto, FMCG, Customer Durables, Pharma, E-commerce, BFSI and many other domains. The company has expanded aggressively, and its social commerce model helped it serve the customers even in the country’s remote locations. You can rely on Shadow Fax if you are looking for technology-assisted deliveries for your customers.

Final Verdict

This was all the information that we wanted to share today, and we hope that after going through these brands, you can choose a courier partner for your organization. You can also contact them and seek information from them about the services offered by them. Opt for a brand that provides you with doorstep pick up, and it is undoubtedly better to give business to a courier provider that offers cash on delivery service to your users. These small things can make it easy for you to do the business. In addition to this, these things can enable you to get more clients because the customers also want to opt for easy to deal with vendors. If you still have any questions about India’s courier services, let us know, and we will respond to you shortly.

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