Job Mobility On The Global Business Mobility Visa UK: Exploring The Possibilities

The Immigration Rules have seen many changes by the British government. It has in?creased the availability of various possibilities for people to explore professional opportunities in the UK. The changed rules are applicable from April 2022, and all overseas companies stand a better chance of transferring staff from different corners of the world to the UK.

When this route was announced, the Home Officials of the British government announced that the rules had changed because of a prolonged requirement. The rules were made long back and have helped the old businesses establish their base in the UK, but now, there is a need for change in their evolution. The UK global business mobility visa helps you extend your business services to the UK and set up a fully-functional overseas branch that has not been in action yet. The employee should already be employed with an overseas business as a specialist or senior manager.

Details About The Eligible Applicants

The British government has welcomed suggestions and recommendations from MAC, the Migration Advisory Committee, regarding various aspects of the newly opened Global Business Mobility route. Based on the applicability of the route, and the guidelines that stick to it, the route welcomes five different categories of workers. They are as follows:

  • Any specialist employee or a senior worker helping a business meet its specific needs.
  • Any graduate trainee recruited as a part of the training program.
  • Any secondment worker who delivers to UK companies and firms through investments and contracts of a huge market value.
  • Any service supplier who is supplying to the country in line with the laid down UK trade agreements.
  • The UK expansion workers who wish to establish a presence.

Out of these five categories, the first two are available for businesses and companies established with a physical presence in the UK. However, the last two categories belong to the companies looking to establish their physical presence in the country’s market. The middle option of secondments is a way out for any firm or business that may or may not have a presence in the British market.

Important Requirements


You can enter the UK through the five professional routes discussed above. However, all five categories of workers should meet some common requirements. They are as follows:

  • The worker roles that fall under the category need a sponsor, as the eligibility won’t be met without them.
  • The jobs rendered for professionals should be backed with an appropriate skill level.

Also, some things consolidate with this new route that the British government has opened for professionals. The significant changes in the process can be seen only by the UK expansion workers and secondments, that is, the first three categories out of the five that fall under the scheme. The route consolidates with the Intra-Company Transfer, the representative of an overseas business, the international agreement visas, followed by the intra-company graduate trainee, elaboratively.

However, you should know that the MAC committee has extended further recommendations related to the allowance of the Intra-Company Transfer visa holders, recognized as senior or specialist workers falling under the first category. But, those recommendations were not followed and hence, hold no implementation. You should know what’s allowed and implemented and, especially, what is not so that you do it correctly if you plan to move to the UK through this route.

Stay Period Under The Global Business Mobility Route

The visa category allows you to attain the UK expansion worker visa and stay there. The period is dependent on the following factors, and the shorter period of it is considered:

  • The period of one year, which is 12 months, begins from the day a person’s job begins based on the details available on your sponsorship certificate.
  • The period stated on your sponsorship certificate is followed by an additional period of two weeks.

Staying in the country is permitted based on these. However, your wish to stay for more can be granted, and you can stay for additional twelve months in the country. If you plan to get another extension, you should know that such a visa allows you to be in the country for only two years. You have to look for other sources for additional extensions and stays.

However, your alternative methods should be authentic, and most importantly, they should be allowed by the country’s government. You should note that the maximum period for which you can be allowed to be a part of the country is half a decade, which is five years in period of 6 years if you have been a part of the country on any of the understated visas:

  • The Global Business Mobility visa allows workers from the discussed five categories.
  • The Intra-Company Graduate Trainee visa facility
  • The Intra-Company Transfer visa facility

Steps To Apply For The Visa


Everything is available on the official British government website if you wish to apply for a visa and move to the country. However, the application process varies a bit, and the factors that lead to such a variation are as follows:

  • If you are a resident of any other country and are planning to move to a British country.
  • If you reside in the country and wish to extend your visa.
  • If you are residing in the country and planning to switch from one visa category to another category.

If your wife and children are ‘dependents’ on you and fulfill the movement eligibility, you can apply so that they can join you and stay with you in the country.


Based on the number of applicants, that is, you, your wife, and children, as dependants, each participant needs to pay the following:

  • The stated application fees.
  • The mentioned healthcare surcharge should be annually paid.
  • You should submit your financial records as evidence of your savings…………….

You will get an idea about your date of beginning work in the country when you get your hands on the sponsorship visa. It will have the date mentioned on it. Hence, you should apply for the same at least three months before the date. You must submit documents related to your identity and work, amongst others. Hence, you should begin everything timely. Sometimes, you need extra time, and therefore, it is recommended to take steps timely.



It is a new change, and you can have many doubts. But you need not worry; everything will be sorted when you begin the process. You should seek the help of an expert so that you can timely solve your doubts and also ensure that there are no unnecessary delays in the process. The possibilities with such a visa are endless, and you should take the right steps to seek benefits.