The Rising Popularity of Triple Card Poker in 2024

We have established many times so far that poker is one of the most played and most loved gambling games. It has a long history and deep roots in our society which is the reason we have it with us for so long.

Poker, like any other game, has several iterations which we all love and know about. Some of the poker games that are probably the most famous are Five-card draw, Texas Hold’em, Seven-card stud, Omaha Hold’em and many others. These are games that are played all around the world and they are seen in almost any big poker tournament. With the development of the internet and the very successful implementation of online casinos, we have seen even more iteration of everyone’s favourite card game. One of those is getting more and more famous both online and on land and it is triple card poker.

IT is not anything new but somehow it has grown in popularity over time. It isn’t too hard to play and it isn’t all that hard to learn. Today we will discuss it a bit and will teach you how to play it successfully. If you are looking for a place to play triple card poker try this web, but only after our info regarding this game.

3 Card Poker

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This is probably the easiest game to learn to play both online and on land casinos. This is probably the reason that it has grown so popular in this year alone. The fact that most of us are now gambling online due to pandemics and lockdowns, from the comfort of our home, and because online casinos are noting significant raise in users, it is only natural for new gamblers to learn the ropes of a new game that is considered to be easy to grasp.

There is another fact that goes to its advantage as well and it is that this poker game offers a pretty big chance to win big money. No one loves easy money than gamblers and believe us they will jump on any opportunity for this, as soon as it is available.

The game itself is as straightforward as it is named – you and the dealer get three cards and it all comes down to who has the better three cards in their hands. That isn’t too hard to grasp and too hard to play. But there is a bit more to it which is why we will discuss it a bit here to educate you the best about the game. As you may have seen on TV already, 3 card poker has the same hands only with 3 cards instead of five. This is a lot easier to track and a lot easier to calculate as well. You can have a three-card flush, a straight, three of a kind and a straight flush, but what you will lack, logically are the two pair hands and a full house. Another thing you should take into consideration is that a pair is considered a really good hand in this game.

As far as rankings of the hand go we will list this from the highest to lowest and these are the hands you can get:

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  • Straight flush – three-card sequential run but suited
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight – run of three cards but it doesn’t have to be the same suit
  • Flush – all three cards in the same suit
  • Pair

As you can see here three-card poker gives you a lot more options and a lot more chances because you are dealing with three cards instead of five which significantly increases your odds and your chances of winning. One thing to note here, and it is as same as in 5 card poker is that your Ace can be used as a high and low card.

How can you play it?

In this type of poker, there are two main bets ante + play bet and pair plus bet.

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Ante and Play bet means that ante is your buy-in in the game and it is your three cards against the dealers. You will place your bet and after that, you will get your cards and after this, you will have to decide if you are going on, meaning betting, or if you have been dealt a bad hand and will fold. If you want to go on you have to match your original bet but if you opt not to go you will fold and you will only lose your ante.

As far as going on during the game you will want to proceed only if you get Queen and 9 or Queen and 10 and higher. Anything below that is considered risky and the chances of beating the dealer are significantly lowered. The same goes for the dealer and if he decides that he wants to go forward he has to have a queen and higher just like you. If he folds you will be payed on your ante bet. If the dealer qualifies and continues with the bet, and loses to you, you will be paid even money on both the ante and play bet, which draws some significant winnings if you play your hand right. In this game, there is also an ante bonus which you receive straight or higher and these bonuses are different from casino to casino.

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Pair plus bet is a really interesting one when it comes to this game. This bet is exactly as advertised where if you get a pair or better you will instantly win, and if you don’t have a pair you will lose the pair plus bet. The fun fact here is that dealers three cards have nothing to do with the pair plus bet because they can have a three of a kind while you still have pair and the dealer still loses to you. One thing we have to tell you before we forget is that this type of bet pays in odds, meaning if you have a pair plus bet down and you catch a straight or a flush you get better odds, meaning a bigger payout. The only thing to remember is that these odds vary from casino to casino and if you want to utilize these to the fullest look for a casino that has the biggest ones.

In the end, we want to conclude this article by addressing the elephant in the room. Thanks to the facts about this game we presented to you, it is very simple to deduce why it has grown so popular. With odds like this, and these simple ways to play this game it was bound to grow popular, we are only asking ourselves why it waited for so long, or why you all waited so long to try this type of poker game?!