8 Pros and Cons of CouchTuner

People who love to watch movies and TV shows, most enjoy this activity by going to the cinemas for premieres. However, life is full of challenges and sometimes it is simply not possible to go to cinema. The good news is that a lot of technological possibilities are available to us today, and one of the most popular is certainly the streaming service. This way of watching movies/series has become so popular An even better option is if they don’t have to spend money on it.

If you also want to save, but also achieve a lot more, consider CouchTuner. However, we can say that each person evaluates the way of watching movies differently. You may find that it fits your expectations perfectly. To help you find the best possible service, we have compiled a list of the many advantages and disadvantages of CouchTuner service. Keep reading and find out all about it.


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  1. Free to use

This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of CouchTuner, because it means that you can save a lot of money annually. Compared to some other options, it really pays off. For example, this means that because of the great offer, you will not even have to go to the cinema. Especially if you are equipped with fantastic technology. On the other hand, some more expensive packages could increase your expenses while not providing quality content. With CouchTuner, the content offer is very wide. The only thing you will have to pay to watch your favorite content is the Internet.

  1. Flexibility

So, flexibility is another of the many benefits you can expect if you opt for CouchTuner. The reason for that is the possibility of watching content from all over the world, an unlimited choice of categories when it comes to movies / series / reality shows, etc. Of course, you can stream from any device you want. This applies to computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones and more. This way you have the opportunity to enjoy your favorite movie or series wherever you are. It is an ideal choice for spending holidays, during breaks at work, while riding public transport, etc. Basically, you can watch them whenever you want, wherever you want and as often as you want.

The great thing is that you will not have any contractual obligation with them as is the case with traditional TV operators. Contracts like this are sometimes not so easy to break and you have a financial obligation to them.

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  1. No download required

It is important to mention another great thing, and that is no download. This way, you won’t waste your precious time downloading, while freeing up the memory of your computer, TV, or any other device you’re using. This is of great importance to many users for several reasons. First of all, today almost every person has a minimum of 10 applications on their smart devices. However, add to that daily updates and other factors that affect memory. It’s really refreshing to find something like this, because all you need is to connect to the Internet.

  1. Diversity of content

If you become a CouchTuner user, you will equally enjoy a large selection of movies/series. This means that the diversity of content is another huge advantage in the series, and that is very important. This way you have access to thousands of different types of content from different decades. That is why CouchTuner is so popular, because with its great options, it attracts a wider audience. Thanks to them, you don’t have to worry when it comes to language settings, but also certain demographic categories and many other restrictions.

  1. Parental control

Television programs and other sources are generally not child-friendly, which is why it is important to know what your child is watching. However, if you do not have a content overview, a problem may occur. This is because even the youngest have more and more platforms at their disposal through which media content is transmitted, so it is harder to control them. That’s why CouchTuner is the perfect option, because you can look at the content before you allow children to use it. This will limit them and make parental control much easier.


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  1. Advertisements and pop ups

While pop ups are a very useful marketing tool, site visitors can be very nervous if they start popping up in all directions in the form of advertisements. It is something that irritates most people and we all avoid them if possible. When it comes to CouchTuner, you will have to get used to pop-up ads, because it is a free service. However, we are all able to block these ads and thus prevent this type of aggressive marketing from interfering with us.

If you are really annoyed by all those pop ups, you can visit https://www.majordroid.com/best-couchtuner-alternatives-and-how-to-find-them/ and find more details about CouchTuner alternatives.

  1. New content sometimes not available

This can be a problem for all those who love to watch all the new series and movies. CouchTuner has really rich content, but it may not be enough for those who are used to constant updates. Either way, you still have the opportunity to watch the high-quality content of some of last year’s movies or those that have just come out for free. You can also always grow a classic while waiting for a new thing to come out.

  1. Requires a fast internet connection

The last thing you want when watching a movie is that your internet connection is slow. If you opt for CouchTuner or any other streaming service, you will need a higher internet speed so that you can enjoy HD streaming without interruption.


Finally, each person has more or less different expectations when it comes to on-demand streaming options. However, we will agree that a good user experience and original content is essential. We hope we’ve helped you find out some more useful information to help you make an easier decision.

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