Giving a New Dimension to Beauty Lifestyle

We live in a period where beauty is the most vital aspect of a healthy lifestyle. However, it doesn’t stop with beauty but also includes weight monitoring. When we face any issues with weight, hair, or skin, we need professional assistance to have a smooth life and excellent result. This is where La Belle comes to the role.

La Belle, founded in 1999, is an ISO 9001-certified skin, hair care and weight loss clinic with locations in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. The skilled dieticians and expert doctors at La Belle employ the most current technology and certified equipment to assist individuals in living a healthy lifestyle. We are among the best health care clinics spread over cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Vizag, and Vijayawada, carrying 21 years of expertise.

What does the Brand La Belle Stand for?


La Belle is a customer-oriented clinic offering skin, weight, and hair care services. Backed with certified and professional dermatologists and dieticians, we offer customized solutions to customers looking for a long-term safe solution.

We are involved with a range of services to ensure customers don’t have to visit any other clinic in the city. La Belle offers transformation services using cutting-edge solutions and delivers the best result. Our certified therapists and dieticians will adhere to the policies ensuring quality return for the long term.

Our advanced clinic utilizes medical developments to make you seem younger and more beautiful. We have made every effort to build a cutting-edge facility with expert trichologists and dermatologists to deliver effective weight loss, skin, and hair treatments. Our advanced technology provides you with the most cutting-edge cosmetic medicine we have to offer.

Different Treatments at One Clinic

Labelle is a one-stop-shop for all skin and hair treatments. Let us learn more about the treatments we have available.

Weight Loss


  • Obesity Treatment- La Belle provides you with the most modern and risk-free obesity treatment available. With the help of our qualified therapists and experienced dieticians, you will lose weight quickly and noticeably.
  • Body Contouring- Since everyone wants to seem slender and have a beautiful body shape; body contouring treatments have become highly popular. Saggy skin and fat bulges indeed result in a body form that is poorly defined, and it will also hurt our appearance. Effective body contouring services are the first choice for everyone, thanks to our non-surgical and safe techniques.
  • Body Toning- La Belle offers a non-invasive body toning treatment that may be used on thighs, arms, backs, legs, and other body parts. After evaluating past medical history, current health, and other factors, we give a thorough, intense analytical method that focuses on an individual’s overall well-being.

Skin Services


  • Skin Whitening Treatment – We utilize skin lightening methods that are safe, effective, and proven at Labelle. Our treatments are 100% safe and have no adverse effects.
  • Acne Scar Removal- We provide a comprehensive and effective acne treatment program that goes to the root of the problem and ensures that it is resolved. Our board-certified dermatologists will analyze your skin and recommend the best treatment options based on your skin’s health and type.
  • Skin Tightening- Labelle has gone a step further in providing you with the most modern radiofrequency technology for tightening flabby skin. The sophisticated RF technology is a safe process that restores your youthful skin and gives you a flawless jawline contour.
  • Pigmentation- We use modern technologies to treat pigmentation by reducing melanin build-up effectively and safely. We offer a variety of operations to our clients, ranging from chemical peels to laser toning and more.

Hair Services


  • Hair Re-growth- Our Hair re-growth treatments involves cutting-edge, non-surgical procedures that stimulate natural hair re-growth. This is accomplished by activating hair follicles. We’ll help you reclaim your lost hair in no time with our in-depth analysis and custom-tailored program.
  • Dandruff Treatment- Dandruff is a term used to describe dead skin cells on the scalp. Psoriasis, overuse of shampoo, dehydrated skin, eczema, and other conditions are the most common reasons. At Labelle, we have effective anti-dandruff remedies that will require more dermatological examination.
  • Hair Bonding- La Belle can merge artificial human hair with your hair using our Hair Bonding process for a natural-looking result. Patients will acquire completely natural-looking hair in no time with this process. It is a commonly regarded and cost-effective treatment option for baldness.

Customer Satisfaction is the Ultimate Aim

La Belle believes in customer satisfaction and ensures each customer visiting the clinic is satisfied with the service and the cost. We provide that the reputation and customer relationship sustains for long.