How to Clean the Floor of Your Apartment and Condo 

The floors take the biggest part in our home, and they are probably the most used ones since we have to hit them no matter where we need to go. When you wake up in the morning, the floor is the first thing you put your feet on, and then walk through your way to the toilet and kitchen. No matter how hard we try to keep it clean, there is always dust, hair, and any other type of dirt that can make our home look untidy.

If you live in an apartment or condo, then it’s probably easier than maintaining the whole house by yourself. As you can see, we mentioned both types of living space, because there is a difference between them. View this post to know more about the differences between apartments and condos, so you can recognize what’s the difference between both types of maintenance and cleaning.

No matter if the apartment is completely yours, or you rent it, you surely want to keep it clean and tidy all the time, but not living with the mop in your hands all the time. The thing is that cleaning depends on the type of flooring in your home. The best way to do that is to collect the dirt with the vacuum cleaner and then proceed to damp mopping. It works great for tiles and vinyl flooring, but be careful with the wooden floors. Pay more attention to the spots where you pass through the day, like from the bedroom to the bath.

In order to clean it, you will need a good vacuum cleaner, mop, mop bucket, detergents, and towels. Remember, before you do anything, you need to make sure that the method you will use is appropriate for the type of flooring you have in your home. Most of the time, in the bathrooms and kitchens people use tiles, so they can easily clean the water drops or spills. Anyway, the basic procedure is:

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  1. Vacuum cleaning

This step will collect the dust, hairs, and any other type of dirt that often can be found on the ground. If you spill something, don’t try to collect it with the vacuum cleaner. Buying a good one is a lifetime investment because these machines are pretty durable and useful all the time. No matter what you do, or where do you live, a vacuum cleaner is a must in every home.

  1. Wet cleaning

Use the slightly damp mop to clean the wooden types of floors. Use the appropriate detergents and cleaning products, especially if you have some of the expensive types of flooring in your home. There are practical wet mopes with a sprayer installed on them, you can fill them up with the cleaning product, and use them to dose it properly when mopping.

For the bathroom floor, you can use more moisture, since the tiles can handle more water to be cleaned. You can even use a sponge mop for the bathroom and kitchen. Just make sure you have a portable bucket you can take with you, and mix the water and detergent, to create a cleaning solution.

Don’t forget to rinse it properly, because some of the detergents can leave a sliding layer over the top if you don’t do that, and attract more dust over the surface.

  1. Pay attention to the stubborn spots

We all have them in our homes. They are difficult to reach with the mop but still dirtiest. Maybe you will have to use a sponge and special detergent that will melt down the dirt, so you can easily remove it. You can even use a brush and paper towels for a better result. After you do that, you can even mop the floor once again with clean water with a few drops of product, to improve the results.

  1. Let it dry completely

Take your time and open all the windows, so the floor can dry up. You can check it all once again, so you can see if you need to dry mop it once again.

What to do if you have carpets?

Vacuum cleaning is the best way to clean the carpets at home. Once in a year, or maybe twice, depending on the type of carpet, you can take it to a professional cleaning service, or invite someone who has a machine for deep cleaning, so they can completely clean and refresh it. Some carpets are really delicate, and you shouldn’t wash them by yourself.

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How to properly do all these things?

If you have carpets, you have to first vacuum them, and then proceed to the other surfaces. Start with the bedrooms, since no one is there at this point. Try to manage the cleaning in a way you won’t need to step on it. Open the windows or turn on the ventilation system, so you can be sure the moisture will dry up on time, without risk of staying too long and causing mold. Then, go to the halls, clean them nicely, and proceed to the living room.

At this point, most of the surfaces are already cleaned, and you only need to mop it nicely, so you can move to the kitchen. Some kitchens have the same floor as the rest of the home, but in many cases, people use tiles, so they can easily remove the spills. After you finish with the kitchen, go to the bathroom, and use fresh and clean water for it. Mop every area, and use more powerful detergent to disinfect the floor and other surfaces.

After you do all of this, check the cleaned area once again. If you are sure everything is done properly, take your well-deserved cup of coffee, sit down in the living room, and enjoy the rest of the day. In less than a week, you will need to redo all the procedures once again, in order to prevent the dirt to pile up on the floor. It would be easier for you if you do it regularly because you will have your home clean all the time, with just a little effort.

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