Indian Guide to Outdoor Lighting Idea to Exude a Luxury Environment

Outdoor lighting is one of the most brightening ideas you can do for your home to look terrific both during the day and a night. Your outdoor and landscaping design is dictated by the type of lighting you improvise in your home. However, lighting option, style, layout and controls also play a significant part in your lighting. There are various types and ideas of lighting to exude a luxury environment; some of them include:

1. Floodlights

Floodlights are preferred and advantageous for providing a wide-spanning light. They cover a wide area and hidden spaces that are not easy to light. Most people prefer this lighting since the illumination help protects from vandalism and theft. They highlight a specific feature in landscaping and provide illumination in areas such as the driveway and the yard, which are considered oversized.

Floodlights cover an expansive area and have wattage similar as spotlights.  Basically, for large areas, high-pressure halide or sodium security light is considered. With the lights reflecting luxury stones in your home, such as the Bianca Maremma, the whole environment shines and looks fabulous.

2. Path lights

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They offer a luxury illumination by creating a more welcoming home atmosphere with a lighted path to guide one to the door. You can also use them to illuminate the driveway, routes in your home, walkways, and employ on feature in your homes such as a pond or a foundation. They set visible boundaries at night and keeping one on track.

In matters to do with elevating the atmosphere of the outdoor space, path lights play a crucial role in it. However, they are considered for safety and visibility at night. The lights may create mood lighting, such as a soft, warm glow lighting to the pathway.

Paths illuminated to perfection are one’s that are made of natural stones. Natural stones can be supplied for your luxury home by trusted company such as Saturnia Travertini.

3. Spotlights

These are the most versatile type of luxury outdoor landscape lighting. The lights are used to highlight natural features outside the house, such as flowers and trees. They are also considered in emphasizing artificial features such as buildings made of natural stones like Montemerano Classico and other architectural elements outside your house.

They are preferred as security lights since they offer a powerful illumination. They offer focused and direct sunlight on the key areas. Also, instead of spreading light like the flooding lights, this one focuses its beam in narrow beams directed at a single focal point.

4. Bollard lights

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These types of lights are almost similar to the pathway light in that it illuminates areas such as the walkways, pathways and driveways identical to the pathway lights. Bollard lights differ from the pathway light for their decorative element. They have a variety of designs and ornamentation, thereby emphasizing the luxury features in them.

They are more extensive and considered mostly in pathways for safety. They have different sizes and shapes, mostly round or square. For effective luxury lighting appearance, they should be installed 2.5 to 4m apart, which also depends on your requirements.

5. Step lights

Step lights are installed in the dark outdoor stairs. They help one from tripping and stumbling at night on the dark outdoor stairs offering a safe way.  They provide safety to you and offer a fantastic look and visual appeal of the stairs and the steps.

The lights are considered best when installed directly on the stairs. They are low voltage lights making them energy efficient at home. It is advisable for one not to overdo using a lot of step lights to avoid over-lighting your outdoor area.

6. Deck lights

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For dark areas at home, deck lights are considered a must for patio or outdoor deck. Their function is to ensure visibility at night. They line the outside of the deck and often installed with decking material.

Their primary luxury function is to create a visible boundary, thus improving the safety of the outdoor. Also the deck lights can be used for entertaining purposes, in addition to offering safety in your home. When adding lights to the top of the deck, ensure that they are positioned over the centre, not directly.

7. Post mount lights

They are mounted on top of the tall post at home. They are mostly made from outdoor lanterns. Post mount lights are a perfect choice to use in gates, entryway and fences. Mostly they are suitable in an area where people congregate, such as patio or deck.

Some are mounted on surfaces such as brick columns or either stone. However, they are best for garden lighting. For low consumption of energy, the solar post mount lights are also considered.

8. Well lights

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These types of outdoor lights are buried in the ground. They illuminate the area adequately without a noticeable impact visually. For people who prefer hidden lighting fixtures, well lights are the best deal them.

Also, they add an appearance designed with a minimalist approach offering an organic form of design. Where beam angle needs to be extremely wide, well lights are most preferred, particularly in outdoor landscaping.

9. Pond lighting

Underwater pond lighting is used to best illuminate the natural water features for both at night and during the day. Most of them are waterproof and are designed to fit underneath the water, such as the spotlights. The significant difference between spotlights and pond lights is that pond lights illuminate a certain or designed feature.

People fear the lights might affect the fish. These underwater pond lightings are designated so that the fish will enjoy even at night without any harm to them. You can even design a pond and light it to offer a bright fountain case for the pond.

Final words

Various types of outdoor lighting have caught the attention of most people who need a luxurious view.  For a brilliant lightning look, one should consider choosing the best method of lighting, the best design, and the best lighting fixture for a modern look. With all those types of ideas, comfort and luxury are achieved.

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