Best 10 Watch Brands in India

Wristwatches are quite a quintessential part of the dressing. They have become one of the fashion accessories that are vital to someone’s personality. And the best thing about watches is that they blend so well. Whether it’s a professional meetup or a casual outing or even a ceremony, you can find watches that adorn your look and give you that gravitating shine. 

Watches have forayed perfectly into the mainstream role and are a mandate of luxury essentials. They help to keep track of the time and add that elegance to your personality. It’s often said that a watch is a prime indicator of a person’s persona and style quotient. 

There are plenty of watches available in the market with varying degrees of designs and patterns. Such is the market that watches can be found aplenty. And they have added the new age cutting technology to the watches like heart rate monitors, steps calculator, calorie counter and much more. These can collaborate via your smartphone with ease.  

We thought of picking out the best watch brands in an ode to the names that have been offering us the best of the lot for years. Let’s find out the top watch brands in India.

Best Watch Brands in India

#1. TitanWatch Titan

Titan is one of the biggest names in the watch industry and has its operations spread across the globe. They are the fifth largest manufacturer of watches and are often the first name on the lips of everyone when people talk about watches. Titan has made its name with the help of superior quality, new-age technology, and strong after service. 

Titan’s product line features an extensive range of watches suited for all age groups of men and women. They also offer products under different categories like casual, formal, sports, festive, and more. The prices are quite adequate and offer something for every age group right from the kid to the adult. 

Their watch variants come in different modes like quartz, automatic, smart analog, chronograph, and more based. They have series like Bandhan, Athleisure, Raga, Chrono Classique, and other ones under them. You can get these from your nearby Titan store or online stores. They make a great piece of fashion statement to your personality. 


  • World’s Fifth largest watch manufacturer
  • Top-selling watch brand in India
  • Exclusive series like Bandhan, Raga, Chrono Classique, Athleisure, and more
  • Dedicated offerings for both men and women

#2. CasioWatch Casio

Casio is one of the biggest names in the world when it comes to electronics and watches. Their watch segment has garnered quite praise and it is a reason why their products are top sellers. Having originated in Japan, Casio has slowly won over the globe with its fine offerings. Their brand is synonymous with producing affordable yet top functioning watches. The quality of their products is top-notch and undoubtedly one of the best in the market. 

Their watch collection comes with different offerings like G-Shock, Pro Trek Smart, Edifice, Baby-G, and more. These collections have been adorned by various personalities who all have testified the performance of the product. The watches come with features like shock resistance, water-resistant up to 200 meters, and more. 

It also has an award-winning solar energy power chipset in the watch that allows for charging of the batteries. They also come with a Multiband 6 Radio technology that provides accurate timings with complete precision. You can also find barometer and triple sensor technology for detecting air pressure, temperature, and more. 


  • Affordable and top-performing watches
  • Variety of ranges
  • Suitable for adventure activities and more
  • Solar power charging, Triple sensor technology, Multiband 6 Radio technology, Shock resistant 

#3. TimexWatch Timex

With an adorned history behind its back and a decorative board of awards, Timex is a brand that has been around for over a century. One of the global giants of the watch industry, they have been time tested and have passed with flying colors all the time. Their watch range is known for quality and durability. 

They have exquisite collections for all range of population starting from the young generation to the older ones. The watches are themed based on simplicity, affordability, and durability. Their collections include Waterbury Collection, Timex Ironman Collection, Timex Marlin, and American Documents collection among a few. The watches feature a strikingly beautiful design that encompasses the look of subtleness and elegance.

Timex has incorporated their watches with their patented Indiglo technology that allows them to incorporate electro-luminescent into their dial. Their watch is readily found across major watch showrooms and online stores. Timex watches also incorporate the new age modern features like Gorilla Glass 3, exquisite leather straps and bands, and more in their watch. 


  • Century-old brand
  • Simple, affordable, and durable watches
  • Waterbury Collection, Timex Ironman Collection, Timex Marlin, and American Documents collection
  • Patented Indiglo technology 

#4. RolexWatch Rolex

Rolex is a brand that would need no introduction ever, such is their brand standing and allure. Their watches come with an excellent reputation that not only uplifts the personality of the person wearing them but instantly gives them high fame. Their watch collections are something that everyone desires and its no doubt that they rank high on our list. 

They have a range of watches that are carefully designed, curated, and build that gives every bit of worth. They are made with modern-day cutting-edge devices and technologies giving them the perfect precision that none another watch can. Their watch isn’t merely a fashion statement but is a great investment that will repay you time and again. 

They have a collection of watches that are equipped with features like waterproof design, stainless steel, all-weather durability, and more. Their watches come in different variants like steel, gold, platinum, and more. They also test their watch in extreme conditions which are setup in-house so that every watch receives the perfect performance.  They are a truly timeless piece and will always be coveted. 


  • Excellent repute and performances
  • Watches designed with cutting edge technology
  • Timeless piece
  • Worth every bit of investment

#5. CitizenWatch Citizen

There’s a thing about Japanese brands, they are known for their performance and durability. No doubt, why Japanese brands are deemed so high whenever there’s talk of electronics and watches. After Casio entered into our list, its time for another Japanese brand to make a foray. And this time it is Citizen with their offerings. 

Citizen is a well-respected brand in India when it comes to performance and durability. It’s a reason for their such high sales numbers. Their watches come with great technology incorporated within that makes them such an irresistible choice. Their range includes Eco-drive watches and more. The watches even have environment-friendly options like the inclusion of solar-powered batteries and more. 

You can also find other distinctive features like quartz, chronograph, shock resistance, water resistance, pin buckles, and more with their watches. They also come with time adjustment features. With over 20 years of offerings under their belt, Citizen is a brand that can be entrusted with ease.


  • Performance and durability 
  • New cutting edge technology
  • Eco-drive watches and more
  • Affordable and entrusted 

#6. Tommy HilfigerWatch Tommy Hilfiger

A leading global fashion brand around the globe, Tommy Hilfiger is known for its quality product and offerings. They have been the name to entrust upon for years and continue to offer great products under their hood. They are known for designer watches and offers products that not make the personal vest their interests in them but also buy and flaunt them. Their watches feature the essence of American cool and stylist culture and are famed throughout the globe. 

Their watch collection comes with options like formal, sport, classic, festive, and more. These watches help uplift your personality according to the occasion. They have incorporated quite a few features in their watches like water resistance, altimeter, date and calendar display, chronograph, and much more. They also have digital, analog, hybrid, and smart versions of watches under their hood. 

The watches from Tommy Hilfiger can be easily found across in showrooms and online stores. They have an expensive price tag compared to other brands that are enlisted in this post but they duly command that price.


  • Perfect fashion statement
  • Global brand
  • Offerings in a variety of segments and features

#7. FastrackWatch Fastrack

A brand that is targeted at millennials and young adults, Fastrack has quite a growth story attached to its name. Having come across as an alternative watch brand for people who wanted something trendy and functional, Fastrack has certainly taken the market by storm and made a great mark. Their products are the essence of modern-day living and thinking. Not many know that they are a sub-brand of Titan which makes them even perfect when it comes to technology and offerings. 

Fastrack watches feature a range of options for people who are looking for something different than the normal watch. They have offerings for festive, formal, casual, and adventure outings and are targeted at both men and women belonging to the age bracket of millennials and more. Their watch incorporates things like denim, digital, analog, and more. 

They have an exquisite collection like bare basics, economy, checkmate, and more. They also have a range of strap options varying from metal, plastic, denim, leather, and more. They also have a range of smartwatches that integrates modern-day features like distance, steps, calorie counter, push notifications, and more with their watches.


  • Perfect for millennials and young adults
  • Trendy and stylish designs
  • Exquisite collections 

#8. SonataWatch Sonata

Next up we have another famed watch brand of India in form of Sonata making its entry into our list. Sonata has always been an entrusted brand known for its uber-cool watches and aesthetic designs. Sonata is also another sub-brand under the tutelage of Titan. Sonata was formed to provide contemporary-looking watches to people across the nation who were looking for another option apart from Titan. 

Sonata’s watch incorporate Indian values and ethos in their offerings making them a great watch for anyone looking for a subtle piece of a classic watch. The best part about this brand is that it is perfect for both classic and modern look. The watch brand offers plenty of watches for people spread across a wide breadth. They have become such a brand that people opt for Sonata watches for trust, value, durability, and performance. 

Sonata has over six hundred watch designs and models under their offering. They are also one of the largest producers of luxury watches in India. Their collections include Sonata Play, Sonata Nxt, and more. They are perfect for office, casual, work, and more. They also have a collection of wedding watches for couples and more. 


  • One of the largest luxury watch producers
  • Over six hundred designs and looks
  • Perfect for the office, work, casual, and outings
  • Also offers wedding and couple themed watches 

#9. MaximaWatch Maxima

Maxima is one of the top producers of watches in India and ranks at the second number when compared to other brands in production numbers. Their watches are available across the breadth and width of the nation and offer a great variety of options. It comes across as a trustworthy brand that has been around for ages and has been offering great products all the time. Their product line features a range like Aqua, Dress, Attivo, Maxima Plus, and more. These tend to work great for all occasions. 

They have a different strategy when it comes to the product line as they focus more on the quality yet affordability segment. Their watches come with a bit affordable price tag when compared to the brands that are aforementioned above. They also have features like multi-functional, digital, analog, data aperture, water-resistance, and more. Their watches feature different strap options like rubber, stainless steel, metal, silicon, and more. 

They have also captured the essence of the youth with different trendy picks and designs. They have incorporated different looks and designs like rose gold, blue shades, pink shades, and more in their designs lately. It’s a great pick for someone who wants a good watch without having to give plenty of bucks in return. 


  • Affordable and targeted for all age group
  • The second-largest producer of the watch in India
  • Different trendy and modern designs 

#10. OmegaWatch Omega

Last but not lately closing our list of best watch brands in India is Omega, one of the finest watch brands on offer. They are a premium watch brand and are known for superior watch products that have been gaining all sorts of plaudits. Their watches are designed and manufactured in Switzerland and are supplied across the globe. Their watch carries the tradition, essence, and undoubtedly top-notch quality for centuries.

Omega watches are a fine piece of a wristwatch with great looks and design. The inside of the watch in itself is such great that you won’t find another piece with a similar performance around. They are comfortable to wear and comes with an exclusive design that is unmatched. They also have a series of limited edition watches that cannot be found elsewhere. The watch has several followers globally showcasing their standing and mark.


  • Highly acclaimed international brand
  • Appealing and performance-based watches
  • Unmatched quality 

Wristwatches are something that you cannot discount in today’s era. Without a wristwatch, a person’s personality does not get the same allure as with it. That’s how much the watches have come from the previous era where they were just deemed as a machine for viewing time. We hope this list of best watches helped you find your pick.

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