10 Best Helmet Brands in India for 2024

Helmets are meant for safety and they should be mandatorily worn. Helmets can often be the difference between life and death and keeping yourself safe should always be your top priority. India has a large audience catering to motorcycle riding and it’s no surprise that the demand for helmets is quite high here.

The Indian market has plenty of brands offering helmets to users in various forms and designs at every price level. You can find one from the entry-level price to the top-level premium price with ease. Getting to know the helmet that you’ll be using is a must before investing your money into it. So we thought of picking out the best brands and the types of helmets on offer from them for our list. And guess what, we’ve found out pretty big names. 

Let’s check them out.

#1. VegaVega Helmet

The first pick in our list is Vega and they rightly deserve the plaudits their way. They have been the go-to brand for helmets in India for decades and continue to stake the top claim. The brand is based out of Karnataka and was formed in 1982. It is part of the Vega Group of Companies and has a long history of great products. 

Their helmet range comes with good pricing that makes them one of the top choices among people. They are one of the largest helmet makers in India and over 60% population of India uses Vega as their helmet. Such is their standing. They have different types of helmets starting from the normal ones to the modular ones and more. 

Their helmet is quality products and is marked with ISI, DOT, and other certifications. They also have other motorcycle accessories under their hood-like gloves, goggles, scarves, and more under their brand name these days.

Types of Vega Helmets

  • Modular helmets
  • Full face helmets
  • Open face helmets
  • Off-road helmets


  • Variety of designs and options
  • Pocket-friendly offerings
  • Certified and tested
  • One of the most popular brands

#2. SteelbirdSteelbird Helmet

At number two we have none other than Steelbird, a tough competitor to Vega when it comes to helmets in India. This brand is known for its robust helmets that come with great features and cost-efficient pricing. Steelbird is a brand that has worldwide standing and has been around for over half a century. The brand is known for its great products that are of excellent quality. It is part of Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd, a flagship helmet and accessories company under Steelbird Group of Industries. 

They have a wide variety of helmet offerings and comes with great features like rounded shapes, extra protective layers, aerodynamic designs, youth-targeted looks, and more. They are certainly trusted a lot and that shows in their 50 years of service. Their helmets come in half-face, full face, golf ball-shaped ones, and more. They also have different sub-brands under them. The helmet brand also offers accessories like gloves, guards, protective shields, and more these days. 

Types of Steelbird Helmets

  • Steelbird Air
  • Steelbird Ares
  • Steelbird Bieffe
  • Steelbird Ignyte
  • Motocross helmets 


  • 50 years of history
  • High-quality products
  • Range of options
  • Priced reasonably well

#3. StuddsStudds Helmet

The third name in our list is from Studds. They are one of the oldest helmet brands of India and is known for its extensive list of high quality and durable products. They have expanded their operations to over thirty-five nations globally making them a brand to reckon with. Studds was founded in 1973 and continues to be earmarked as the best ones. 

Studds offers their products in two variants, the base variant, and the premium variant. Both of these variants come with a line of products under them. The design side of things is very impressive, to say the least, and features new modern builds and touches that give the helmet proper safety measures. Their products come with features like full face, flip-up, inner sun visor, chin vents, and more. The helmets also have a comfort liner inside of the helmets. Here’s what are the helmets offered by them:

Types of Studds Helmets

  • Flip-up helmets
  • Flip-up full-face helmets
  • Open face helmets
  • Off-road helmets
  • Flip off full-face helmets 


  • Four decades-old brand
  • Two different offerings
  • High quality and premium product

#4. Royal EnfieldRoyal Enfield Helmet

Royal Enfield is known for its range of classic motorcycles that not only are historic but also mesmerizing to ride. Their motorcycle is a testament to the historical invention that still miraculously commands the respect and aura of people around. The brand has a range of helmets, accessories, and much more under their tutelage. 

The helmets are richly designed and feature great features. They come at a good price range and have a classic touch to them. The helmets feature a thicker liner inside that keeps the person cool while riding. The foam shell added inside the helmet gives it a layer of protection. It also has thermal insulation for heat insulation and impact absorption for hits and falls. 

The helmets can be used for all-weather and go quite nicely with the bike. And if you have a Royal Enfield bike, getting a helmet from the same brand is a must. The prices are also reasonably made and won’t create much of a hole in the pocket.  They also have a range of carbon-fiber helmets too under their range.


  • Classic look
  • Thermal insulation
  • Impact Absorption 

#5. LS2LS2 Helmet

LS2 helmets are high-quality helmets that provide ample support and safety for a person while riding a motorcycle. They are a great brand and have one of the best sales in the market for motorcycle helmets. The brand is known for impressive design and performance-based helmets for years. Their helmets are tough, robust, and resilient in performance. There are quite a few duplicates available in the market for LS2 from local brands who try to mimic the brand but they cannot match their original quality.

The helmets feature comfortable liners for comfort and easy ride, and easy operation mechanism of the latch and the lock, and a highly durable body design. They are readily available via authorized dealers and outlets. You can also get these helmets from online stores. It’s a global brand that has made a name for itself in this field with hard work, research, and great customer-oriented products over time. They are priced quite well for an international brand. 


  • Precision designing
  • Comfortable wear
  • Durability
  • Robust and resilient 

#6. THHTHH Helmet

The next one in our list is from a Taiwanese company who are famous all over the globe for their high-quality helmet products. The brand is known as one of the best helmet makers and their products are much loved in India too. The brand’s name stands for Ton Ho Hsing and with their reputation such high, it was bound to make the list of best helmet brands in India. 

Their helmets are nicely designed and feature a rounded build with a comfortable feel to it. The products have a good build shell that gives good structure and build to the helmet making them a durable piece. The helmets are designed with high-level technology and even features highly strong carbon fibers like Kevlar and more. They are available from online stores and authorized dealers of the brand. 

The brand also uses 3D technology in its design giving them a class and durable stance. The brand offers good products and at affordable rates. 


  • Strong and durable
  • Premium helmets
  • Made with high-level technology 
  • Nicely designed 

#7. MTMT Helmet

The next one on our list is one of the premium brands in the helmet industry. MT is a brand that is well known globally. They are made and designed in Spain and are known for their top, not quality offerings. The helmets from MT comes with new age driven design and technology and have been a prime feature in most of the sports activities across the globe. 

The helmets feature various products like carbon composites, thermoplastic build, and more to make them durable. They also have a reinforced chin in the design that gives it an authentic sharp, oval feel making it one of the racing type helmets. They have quite high comfort levels and comes with impressive features. The helmets also come with a SHARP rating making them a serious piece for someone who values their life while riding a motorcycle. 

The price of these helmets is a bit on the high end when compared to the other brands but that is warranted as the products under this brand is quite great. The helmets also feature ECE/DOT ratings.


  • Premium helmets
  • Absolute resilient and durable
  • Dual rated 
  • ECE/DOT rated 

#8. SolSol Helmet

At the eight number in our list, we have the one from Sol with them being one of the top brands in the world. They are part of G-Max and are originally from America. Their helmets are of premium range and are known for top-quality performance and functionality. The price band is also based on the premium side but you won’t regret investing in this brand ever. Their helmets come with good visibility, all-around comfort, approved and feasible designs, and safety tested.

The helmets are certified by DOT which makes them a great pick. You can also find the air vents with these helmets that make them a good one. They have a cotton-based inner liner allowing a person to ride bikes for the long haul with utmost comfort. The helmets from Sol are durable and can last for an eternity. Such is the feature that the visors are made to reduce the glare from the streets. 

The helmets also come with water-based paint that doesn’t erode even in the harshest of temperature and weather. It also has a cheek-pad that is formulated and stuffed to help provide the proper support to the rider. 


  • DOT approved designs
  • Durable and power-packed performance
  • Ultimate comfort
  • Premium helmet

#9. SMKSMK Helmet

The brand that we are enlisting next up is a sub-brand of the Studds that occupied the third spot in our ratings. This brand known as SMK is a premium line of helmet offerings provided by Studds to help people find the right premium and durable high-quality product at a small fraction of a price. These helmets are designed with great precision and you’d not find a single fault in them.

They have attractive looks and graphics that allures people and youth around along with premium features like pin-lick visors, sun shades, air vents that can be locked and unlocked with simple buttons, and a great build. The helmets are designed with an aerodynamic base allowing them to maneuver around with ease when riding the same on the roads and around.

You can also find absolute comfort in these helmets as they not only provide good support but also helps keep you comfortable for long hauls. The helmets come with a durable tagline. They are priced at a premium level and are every bit worth it. 


  • High-quality product
  • Premium build
  • Aerodynamic base and body

#10. AxorAxor Helmet

At the end of the list concluding our best helmet brands in India is the one brand named Axor. This is also a sub-brand and is part of Vega, who undoubtedly occupies the top spot in our list. The brand is made with a focus on premium and racing-inspired helmets at a good price. And they have rightly taken a good place in the market with their helmets. 

The helmets from Axor come in a round shape resembling the racing designs and features a wide front end. The helmets also have cropped chin for better shape and aerodynamic. You can also find these helmets offering your features like lock strap and modern options like anti-fog inserts into the helmet. They are accepted and trusted pieces and comes with an awarding of DOT certificate. It also has ECE 22.05 certification for the helmet. 

The designs are great for this helmet and come with a good price though it is higher than the normal helmets. But having such premium helmets and the feature will duly cost a bit. Still, you can find a good modern racing helmet with Axor at a very good price. 


  • Complete racing helmet
  • Loads of features
  • Impressive designs

The helmet industry is certainly a wide market in India and you can find great picks at a different price range. These aforementioned brands are the top picks when it comes to helmets in India and we hope you can find your pick here.

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