Statistics vs Analytics: Which to Know When Betting on Cricket

If you have been doing sports betting for a while, then you’re probably aware of how much information one has to possess in order to make a profit. There’s a lot of homework involved if one wishes not to waste money. After all, why would anyone want to make blind investments? Betting without any information on the team or the sports is the same as buying a house without even seeing it, or knowing its characteristics. You want to be sure of the decision you make.

Since we’re writing about betting on cricket, you need to do some research before actually making a bet. Here we come to a point where we should discuss the type of information about this sport you want to check, in order to make an assumption about which team may win, and therefore make a successful bet.

It is important to know there are two types of information you can dig for, statistics and analytics. Which one is smarter to use for betting on cricket? Read the rest of the article to find out.

Using statistics for betting on cricket.

This information involves various stats about the performance the player or team has made in the past. Below are some you should consider.

Checking player profiles

When it comes to a sport like a cricket, you want to know about individual players and their performance. It’s pretty basic, but actually important, like which team is on a winning streak and how they performed against the outside team compared to their division mates, and so on.


It is also better to check the player profile pages. It helps a lot when it comes to sports like cricket or basketball, where you can clearly see player stats for specific months against specific teams.

Advance statistics

The latest trends in sports betting are centered around new analytical statistics. For example, a person who buys advanced metrics might tell you that honkey’s win-loss records are not as important as puck possessions. It’s more important than whether or not he was selected to the all-star team.

When it comes to cricket, you can now easily track a player’s performance in different games. Whereas in hockey you can check how a player performs when he’s in his zone versus when he’s somewhere else. This statistic is actually important for betting, as it can help you make a well-informed decision and not lose money.

These stats are called advanced stats and they give you all the information you need to handicap a particular match. However, you can simply ignore what the stats say and follow your instincts.

How can statistics help?

Here you need to remind yourself why are you betting in the first place. The answer to this question in most cases is for profit, and for the love of sports as well. Hence, it requires you to obtain some data before. Statistics help you make conscious decisions and expectations based on facts, which directly affect the outcome of betting. You check these to get answers to all the questions you may have about the performance of a team or a single player. In order to get them, you consult different web locations for online cricket predictions. Click here to see which are the most reliable.

However, before you make an actual move, regardless of where you find this information, make sure you are clear about the statistics of betting in general.

What about analytics?


Analytics goes a bit deeper into a player’s motivation, or a team’s ability to win, compared to statistics. It considers a few more factors that could influence the outcome of the game, such as motivation (as was already mentioned), how many injuries did the player suffer in the past, did they affect his performance and other things that can influence the game (it could also be weather conditions).

So, it is safe to conclude that when aiming to place a promising bet in cricket, one should strive for combining both statistics and analytics. As for where could more information be obtained, our suggestion is to discuss the sport with others.

Forums are a great way to involve in a discussion

Talking about cricket with someone may end with a lot of learning, even when the conversation is casual. If you cannot find a suitable person to engage in such a conversation with, there’s always some forum you can join, and find people who share your passion for cricket with you. Another good thing about these forums is the fact that you can go back in time and read past posts and discussions others had on a topic that interests you. At times, reading about other people’s perspectives can have a healthy influence on your own.

No need to mention how important it is to discuss cricket with someone who already has experience in betting on this sport, someone who follows it, not just some newbie bettor.

Final word

The more sports knowledge, the greater the chances of making a profit. Serious online betting players are aware of this, which is why it is becoming increasingly popular to place bets on those sports that are regularly offered by bookmakers but are not the main focus of bookmakers.

One such sport is definitely cricket, about which the general public knows very little, but bettors are increasingly well informed and already know the characteristics of the best national teams and clubs in the world, and they also know how to pay a combination with promising prospects for winning.


Although many will say that this sport is popular only in countries like India, the fact that so many people bet online today is making this sport increasingly popular. Including it in the list of your favorite sports to bet on, and using everything we’ve written about things to know when betting on it, will ensure a result in successful betting.