Welcome 2024 With A Resolution To Cycle More

2024 is upon us, and like every new year, we also have a resolution for this one. For most of us, staying fit is a part of that resolution. But as the year passes on, we often lose the motivation and drive to pursue this resolution. However, by incorporating cycling in your routine, you are not only ticking that resolution off but also embracing an activity that will open a whole new aspect of adventure.

Cycling is beloved across the globe and is one of the best fitness activities to go for. Cycling comes with mental and physiological benefits, and it is a great idea to bring it into our daily lives through a resolution. Here we have four essential points which will help you take your resolution to the end of the year:

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  1. Break your big goal into smaller chunks: What is your goal with cycling? Are you preparing for a marathon or trying to smash a fitness goal? Whatever your goal is, divide it into smaller chunks. It is always easier to take one step at a time, that is more achievable, and you will not be disheartened easily. You can also journal about your progress, as it will make your entire goal a little more tangible.
  2. Consistency is key: Remember, it is better to cycle for 15 minutes every day instead of cycling for one hour and then not doing anything for the rest of the week. Showing up beside your bicycle every day is an act of consistency and discipline. Discipline works for you when motivation does not. Be resolute!
  3. Start the new year by going electric: Sometimes, we need something new to kick things off in the right direction. Perhaps you don’t have a new bike, or your old one is getting rusty; whatever the reason, get yourself a new bicycle! These days, we have a range of cycles available for different riding styles. And the one category you can’t ignore is E-bikes. Ninety One Cycles is a homegrown brand that boasts of the ultra-suave Meraki series. The Meraki cycles are superior E-bikes that will raise the bar of your cycling experience.
  4. Patience and discipline will take you far: Ups & downs are an integral part of everyone’s life. There will be days when you will enjoy cycling, but there will also be days when you won’t feel like getting out of bed. Patience and discipline are two important qualities that will help you out over here. Perhaps you aim at cycling for a certain duration every day, but your endurance isn’t supporting you; in this case, it is important that you not get disheartened and maintain patience. Sometimes even the best-laid plans don’t go the way we thought them to; in this case, only patience works out. Rethink your approach and move forward.

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We hope that the points above will provide you with success in your resolution. Remember that showing up every day beside your cycle itself is an act of consistency and success. Whether you do it for five minutes or for an hour, consistency and patience will take you far. It is also important to find joy in the activity, and we hope that cycling brings you that joy. If you don’t find the time to cycle every day, make it a part of your routine. Instead of walking to the market for errands, take your bike! There are always ways to succeed!