10 Best Vodka in India for 2024

Vodka is quite a popular distilled liquor in India and across the world. Many people prefer Vodka on the rocks, and many people prefer making cocktails out of it. Vodka is primarily a Russian drink, and it is a delight of all mixologists. Vodka originated in Eastern Europe, which is why Vodka from Russia & Europe is so famous. The reason why Vodka is so popular is that it is highly distilled and it is also odorless. 

Vodka is made of potatoes, wheat and even rice. The alcohol concentration in Vodka is usually between 35% and 50%. Since it is a clear liquor, it is the most preferred choice of the people at party and family functions. You can make cocktails with swanky colors using Vodka, and since it is colorless, it doesn’t change your drink’s color. There are a lot of brands that manufacture Vodka, but which one is the best?

In this article, we have compiled the best brands of Vodka available in India, and you can check them out in the section below. We have covered Indian and foreign brands, and we will try to highlight the flavor, ingredients, and other essential details of these Vodkas in the list below. We have also given an approximate price of these vodkas so that you can make these additions to your home bar.

Best Vodka Brand in India

Check out the list below – 

#1. BelvedereVodca Belvedere

Poland was one of the first countries where the Vodka was found. If you are looking for authentic Vodka from Poland, you should check out this option from Belvedere. It contains 40% alcohol volume, and it is one of the expensive Vodka available in India. There are three variants available in Belvedere, and these are Belvedere Red, Belvedere Intense and Belvedere Silver. This Vodka is comparable to Grey Goose, and it is certainly worth the price. If you have deep pockets and if you are looking for an exclusive experience, then you can go ahead and buy Vodka from Belvedere. You are going to love the exclusivity associated with this Vodka.

Origin – Poland

Alcohol Volume – 40% ABV

Price Range – Approx. Rs 5100 for 700 ml

#2. AbsolutVodca Absolut

Another famous brand available in India is Absolut. This brand has its roots in Sweden, and it is one of the most popular brands across the world. You will be surprised to know that Vodka from Absolut is sold in over 126 countries. Apart from that, it is one of the purest liquor available in the market. The brand still uses the traditional way to manufacture Absolut Vodka. In addition to this, the brand uses Swedish Water along with the countryside wheat to manufacture the drink. Absolut vodka is available in 27 variants, and some of the options are very premium. Another reason for the popularity of Absolut is the packaging associated with this Vodka.

Origin – Sweden

Alcohol Volume – 40% ABV

Price Range – Approx. Rs 2880 for 750 ml

#3. Grey GooseVodca Grey Goose

Something is exhilarating about French wines. How about tasting some French vodka? We are sure that you are going to love this option available from Grey Goose. It is one of the most expensive Vodkas available in the market, and it commands respect. The brand follows a traditional manufacturing process, and it has been known for a long time. In 1998, Beverage Testing Institute named Grey Goose as the best tasting Vodka in the world. The credit goes to the smooth taste of this Vodka. If you are fond of setting up a mini-bar in the home, then this is one such drink that you should add to your collection.

Origin – France

Alcohol Volume – 40% ABV

Price Range – Approx. Rs 5200 for 750 ml

#4. SmirnoffVodca Smirnoff

Smirnoff is a famous brand in India, but it is one of the best-selling Vodka in America. This Vodka is manufactured in the USA, and the best part about Smirnoff is that it is triple distilled Vodka that is filtered ten times before it reaches you. This brand is named after Pyotr Smirnoff, and it is made of corn, which is gluten-free. Another fantastic thing about Smirnoff is that it has 39 flavours available in it and you can try them all. Some of the flavours like Limon are very refreshing. The brand is readily available across the globe, and you must try flavoured vodka Smirnoff.

Origin – USA

Alcohol by Volume – Between 35% & 50% Depending on the variant

Price Range – Approx. Rs 1450 for 750 ml

#5. FinlandiaVodca Finlandia

We also have Vodka from Finland that is available in India, and it is also very popular. This Vodka is made from barley, and the brand uses only glacial spring water to manufacture the Vodka. It is one of the leading choices for making a martini, and you will find this Vodka in many bars and restaurants. Many unique flavours are available in Finlandia, and the ones that we love are with citrus and vanilla flavour. This Vodka is available in the mid-price segment, and it is certainly worth a try.

Origin – Finland

Alcohol Volume – 40% ABV

Price Range – Approx. Rs 3050 for 1000 ml

#6. WyborowaVodca Wyborowa

We have talked about some of the most premium brands available in the market. How about a vodka that is smooth and that is available in the mid-price range? Well, one such option is available from Wyborowa. This Vodka is also manufactured in Poland, and it is marketed by Pernod Ricard. At present, Wyborowa is available in close to 80 countries, and it contains 40% ABV. The brand uses rye to manufacture this Vodka, and it has been over five centuries since the brand follows the same process. You will be glad to know that the brand doesn’t use any colour or artificial ingredient to manufacture the Vodka. You will also find rye, water and other components obtained from nature.

Origin – Poland

Alcohol Volume – 40% ABV

Price Range – Approx. Rs 3000 for 750 ml

#7. CirocVodca Ciroc

Ciroc is yet another French brand in our list, and it is one of the finest ones available in the market. The unique part about this brand is that it uses French grapes to manufacture the Vodka. It has a unique sweetness, and this Vodka is best for making a martini. There are different flavours available in this Vodka as well, and you can experiment with those flavours. The best one that we loved is the pineapple flavour and lemon flavour. This Vodka is also available in coconut flavour, and it has a unique taste. You can go ahead and buy this Vodka from Ciroc, especially if you are looking for a premium vodka.

Origin – France

Alcohol Volume – 35% ABV

Price Range – Between Rs 4800 & Rs 8700 for 750 ml

#8. StolichnayaVodca Stolichnaya

We have listed some of the authentic vodkas from Poland, but at number 8, we will talk about a Russian Vodka. Yes, we are talking about Stolichnaya, and it was first manufactured in 1901. It is one of the oldest Vodka available in the market, and we are fortunate that this bottle of the elixir is readily available in India. There are three variants of Stolichnaya available in the market, but the only problem is that it is found in the premium liquor shops. In terms of pricing, Stolichnaya is available at an affordable price, and you will surely like the flavour associated with this Russian Vodka. It will leave a lingering taste in your mouth.

Origin – Russia

Alcohol Volume – 40% ABV

Price Range – Approx. Rs 2250 for 750 ml

#9. 42 BelowVodca 42 Below

42 Below is also one of the most celebrated Vodkas available in India. The Vodka is made in New Zealand, and it represents a great geographical heritage of the country. We say this because this liquor is made at 42 degrees below the quarter. The point corresponds to the centre of New Zealand. The liquid goes through four-column distillation. 42 Below is considered a very pure vodka, and it has a taste that matches the description stated above. It has a very well-balanced taste with mild sweet profile to it. You can have 42 Below as neat, or you can add a dash of lime & tonic with this Vodka. You should note that the brand uses non-GM wheat and volcanic natural spring water to manufacture this Vodka.

Origin – New Zealand

Alcohol Volume – 40% ABV

Price Range – Approx. Rs 2550 for 750 ml

#10. Ketel OneVodca Ketel One

At number 10, we have a Dutch Vodka, and there is something unique about Ketel One. This Vodka is made of only wheat, and the brand uses copper Pot Stills to manufacture this Vodka. The origin of this brand can be dated back to 1691. What people love about this Vodka is the neutral yet crisp profile associated with the flavour. Apart from this, you can add a slice of lemon when you are sipping Ketel One Vodka. You can enjoy this Vodka with justice, and it will not burn your throat. If you have never tried Ketel One yet, then it is the time to go ahead and buy Ketel One now.

Origin – Netherland

Alcohol Volume – 40% ABV

Price Range – Approx. Rs 3200 for 750 ml

#11. Magic MomentsVodca Magic Moments

Magic Moment is one of the most popular vodka brands in India. It was launched in 2006, and since then it has managed to capture over 50% of the market share in the country. The brand has received over 30 awards, and the credit goes to the flavour of this Vodka. The Vodka from Magic Moments is triple distilled, and it is made of gluten-free rice. Today, this brand sells in over 24 countries, and it is an undisputed leader in the market. You can also buy different flavours, and they are going to give you a different experience. If you are looking for an affordable yet premium vodka, then Magical Moments is for you.

Origin – India

Alcohol Volume – 40% ABV

Price Range – Between Rs 850 & Rs 1100 for 750 ml

#12. White MischiefVodca White Mischief

Teenagers throwing a party look for the most affordable liquor. If you have any such plans, then you can look for White Mischief as it is available at a very reasonable price. It is quite a famous brand for the market share, and the credit goes to the low price. This Vodka also goes through a triple distillation process to achieve an extraordinary level of purity and taste. This Vodka is available across India, and it is pretty strong as it contains 42.8% of alcohol Volume. Since this is made in India, the cost of this Vodka is very affordable. We surely recommend you to try this Vodka, and you are going to love it.

Origin – India

Alcohol Volume – 43% ABV

Price Range – Approx. Rs 450 for 750 ml

#13. RomanovVodca Romanov

If you have tried White Mischief and if you didn’t like it, then we have yet another option available in the market. This option is slightly premium when we compare it with White Mischief. Yes, we are talking about the Vodka from Romanov, and it is a pocket-friendly vodka manufactured in the market. It goes through multiple distillation and filtering process, and it has a slight spice taste that lingers into your mouth for a long time after you finish the drink. The good thing about Romanov is that it is also available in multiple flavours. You can choose between lemon, apple, orange and premium flavours and you will like them all. 

Origin – India

Alcohol Volume – 43% ABV

Price Range – Approx. Rs 650 for 750 ml

Final Verdict

The fact is that the expensive vodkas are very smooth, which is why we have listed all the premium brands on the top. If you are looking for an imported vodka, you can opt for Grey Goose or Absolut. Both the brands are excellent in terms of texture and the flavor of the drink. You can choose your favorite Vodka now and remember to drink responsibly. 

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