How Do You Wish Someone a Happy Ramadan – 2024 Guide

With the beginning of spring, the beautiful moments begin. It is the time of year that each of us enjoys primarily because of the nature that wakes up and greens, then because the friendships between people increase, but also because there is a period in which certain holidays are celebrated such as, for example, a special holiday for Muslims, Ramadan. This is a time when people also celebrate Eid as soon as Ramadan concludes. The holiday of  Eid is a holiday for celebrating life, but also for celebrating with loved ones which means that there will be many moments spent together with family and with friends.

Ramadan is an Islamic holiday that lasts throughout the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and this year is during the spring. It is believed that during that month the Qur’an was revealed to the archangel Gabriel, who then passed it on to the Prophet Muhammad. It is a time of fasting, prayer, solidarity, and mercy, in which Muslim believers abstain from consuming food, cigarettes, alcohol, but also from bad thoughts, ideas, and deeds. Fasting begins with sunrise and lasts until sunset (iftar). Eating and drinking are allowed at night. Children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and the sick are exempt from fasting.

Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam that is most important to the believers of this religion. The rest are faith, prayers, worship, and giving alms. It is the month that is known as the month of goodness, mercy, love, and forgiveness, but also of the beautiful moments that should be part of the everyday life of all of us. During this period and this month, people try to live the cleanest days of the year, try to help those who need financial or any other help, and above all to do good deeds. In the coming days, the fasting and the celebration of Ramadan will begin, which will last for a whole month, so if you have a close person in your life to whom you should congratulate this world and a beautiful holiday, you need to do it to someone beautiful, unique. and in a symbolic way. So let’s see together how you can do that.


  1. Write a beautiful holiday greeting card that you can write and send through an online greeting card maker, which will be full of many emotions – when it comes to moments of happiness, a great option is to choose to write a beautiful greeting card that will radiate positive thoughts and nice and sincere congratulations from you to your friend. Try to say as many words as possible and compose a great read that you will additionally decorate with emoji emoticons. Then all you need to do is send it via SMS or through a messenger tool of your choice, such as WhatsApp.
  2. Give a unique gift that will be specially designed and specially made – another option that is also very beautiful is to make something unique that you will give to your loved one, which will have great symbolism during the holiday. It can be a uniquely painted picture, it can be an object that will have its own symbolism, but it can also be a beautiful poster with holiday motifs that you will frame and give as a gift, and great creations and posters that you can browse and order if you customize the right Ramadan poster template. Something unique can really beautify the whole festive atmosphere, but also make Ramadan a more beautiful month for your friend and his loved ones.
  3. You can also visit a friend and bring him a basket full of fruit – the fruit can mean life, health, and many beautiful novelties in the life of the one you give it to, so use this symbolism and show it to your loved one. Try to make a beautiful basket with a variety of fruits. You can add all kinds of fruits and then give it to your close friend wishing him a nice holiday period and a good Ramadan with his loved ones and family.
  4. You can also bring nice sweet desserts when it comes time for breaking the fast – as we all know, people who respect and are part of the Islamic religion at this time start with the traditional fast during which they must not consume food until the end of the day, i.e. until sunset. But then they can eat and in the period after 7 pm they start with dinner. To make your dinner more beautiful and to give great attention and importance to your loved one who is celebrating Ramadan, you can buy or make wonderful desserts that you will take to his door in order to congratulate the holiday period and give them something. with which they will sweeten after a delicious dinner.


It is also a great idea to send a beautiful Ramadan greeting card or holiday letter by mail, it will cause great joy to your friend – there is one thing we have all forgotten about, and that is sending letters and greeting cards by mail. It’s a tradition that needs to be revived, and it can start with you sending a letter or greeting to your close friend celebrating Ramadan. Write a beautiful letter full of beautiful thoughts and wonderful words or buy a beautiful greeting card that you will fill in and send it all to your friend’s address. Believe that you will evoke wonderful emotions and feelings because what you send can last and be a memory for a lifetime.

You can make the beautiful moments even more beautiful, and in front of you are a few suggestions that we have prepared for you and that will surely bring a lot of warmth, beautiful feelings, and positive cheerful emotions to the home of your friends who celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.