Best 10 PUBG Players in India for 2024

PUBG had been one of the most popular game, not just in India but also across the globe. The game led to massive development in the esports segment, which offered a fantastic experience to the people. PUBG not only got the interest of children, but it also caught the interest of the adults. You will notice that there are many tournaments hosted in India for PUBG and the game has boosted online players. You will be surprised to know that many people are also earning a living out of the PUBG. These players live to stream their games, and they can gain revenue out of it.

Many players also participate in e-tournaments, and they also earn a lot of revenue because of their skills. Today, gaming is not just a hobby, but it has become a profession. PUBG was somewhat able to replace Counter-Strike, and the interest of people shifted. Since PUBG is available on various platforms, players found it easy to play. The game is available on mobile, PCs, Tablets, Playstations and even Xbox. In such a case, we are sure that you would be interested in knowing about India’s best PUBG players.

By knowing these players, you can watch their stream, and you can learn from their gameplay, strategy and mechanics. You can also look at their achievements, statistics, and how they have helped in the inception of India’s egaming scenes. So, let us go ahead and check out the list of the best PUBG players in India.

Top PUBG Players in India

Below is the list of top players in India. You can check out their username, and you can even go through other details. If you are playing PUBG, you can check out their profile, statistics, and further information. So, go ahead and check out the details now.

#1. Naman’ Mortal’ Sandeep Mathur – Soul

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Naman Sandeep Mathur is known as Mortal, and he got this name because of his popularity. He is one of the early entrants in the game, and he can engage his audience and peers with his impressive moves. When playing in a team, Naman can guide his team, and he is offering his leadership to the team. He owns a group called Soul and Soul is known to be one of the largest esport organization in India that focuses only on PUBG. If you are a big fan of PUBG, we are sure that Naman needs no introduction.

Moreover, Naman also has a massive cult following on all the social media platforms. You will find him streaming on YouTube.  As per the information available, Naman and Soul haven’t played some of the recent tournaments so; we are waiting to see what Naman comes up with next. If you are a PUBG player, then Naman is equivalent to God of the game.

#2. Yash’ Viper’ Soni – Soul

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We have already talked about Naman, and we also introduced you to his organization called Soul. The second player on the list of best players belongs to the same organization. If you are a follower of Naman, you would have guessed it by now. Yes, we are talking about Yash Soni whose in-game name is VipeR. He is the second player on the list, and he is known to be associated with Soul. Taking about the background of Yash, we know that Yash had been fond of WWE and his favorite player was Randy Orton. This is how Yash got the name of VipeR, and he is still in love with the name. Yash became very popular after India Series 2019, and if you look at the gameplay of the series, you will realize how well he planned his game. After the series, Yash gained a massive fan following, and he has got lakhs of followers on social media accounts. One thing that everyone loves out Yash is his involvement with charity streaming events. He supports a lot of local causes, which is why he won many hearts as well. We are always stalking Yash to understand how he is coping with a performance on PUBG mobile while being engaged with PUBG mobile community.

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#3. Harpreet Sing ‘Ronak’ Janjuha – Fnatic

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One organization that you have learned about until now is Soul, but it comes as no surprise to know that many such organizations exist in India and other countries. The next organization that we are talking about is Fnatic, and the third player on our list is Ronak. Since we spoke about Soul, it is worth mentioning that Ronak was associated with Soul for a long time before joining a different team. People who followed India Series 2019 would recall this name as Harpreet played in the series from Soul and he was among the top two players that feature on the list. In one of the interviews, Harpreet mentioned that his role model is the player who goes by Shroud’s name. Shroud is an FPS player from the USA, and everyone can learn a lot from him. As mentioned earlier, Harpreet is now associated with Fnatic, and it is a European esports organization. The organization has won titles in many different games across the world. This European organization is also heavily involved in India. After the Indian Series 2019, Harpreet also won the title of All-Stars India 2019. Harpreet is very popular as a Support Player as well as a Rifler. He is one of the reasons why Fnatic was able to establish themselves in India this well.

#4. Shekhar ‘Smokie’ Patil – Nova GodLike

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At number 4, we are going to talk about another seasoned player of PUBG. Shekhar Patil, who is popularly known as Smokie, is one of the most seasoned players in PUBG Mobile. He is associated with Nova GodLike team since the start of 2024, and the club has helped the development of his game. The relationship has been mutual, and his contribution shouldn’t go unrecognized when it comes to Nova GodLike winning the tournament. The team won PUBG Mobile Club Open –Sprint Split 2024 Season of India because of his contribution. This player showed a significant amount of adaptability and agility. He fought like a hero, and he faced all the challenges head-on. Shekhar guides his team with leadership, and this was the much-needed skill for Nova GodLike. He helped the team by bringing in the stability, and he is also the reason why Nova GodLike came on top of the charts.

#5. Manmeet ‘Ted’ Singh – SynerGE

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One of the PUBG players with the most accurate kill history is Manmeet. He is known as Ted in PUBG, and he is the most brutal assaulter in the history of the game. He shot to fame after people witnessed his performance in PUBG Mobile World League. During the tournament, he is the leader in the kill chart. He played along with the team SynerGE, and he played the role of the assaulter. He would often lead his squad in assaults, and he is usually found taking part in fights that other teams would ignore. He signed for SynerGE in 2024 and today; he is the most integral part of the organization. Without him, the team can’t imagine a tournament because Ted is their kill machine. You can follow him, check out his statistics, and you will be surprised by the level of brutality associated with Manmeet.

#6. Arshpreet ‘Gill’ Singh – Orange Rock

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We have talked about a player from Nova GodLike earlier in the list. Arshpreet was also associated with the team, and he gained fame because of his sniping abilities. He earned a lot of popularity because of his skills as a snipper. This was a significant achievement from him, and at present, Arshpreet is associated with orange Rock. This new team has provided a considerable boost to his career. Unfortunately, Arshpreet didn’t play the ESL Premiership hosted on India. We are still unsure about his absence, but he remains one of the top players in the teams. Overall, Arshpreet has managed to win several hears because of the way he kills his enemies.

#7. Harmandeep ‘Mavi’ Singh – Orange Rock

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Another famous player from Orage Rock is Harmandeep. He is known by the alias Mavi, and he is also one of the finest assaulters in PUBG. Since 2019, he has been a part of Orange Rock, and he has helped the team achieve the goal as well. His talent was quite evident during the ESL India Premiership of 2024. He has given in a massive contribution in defeating seasoned teams like TSM, Fnatic and Soul. He is responsible for building a team, and he is also known for providing leadership insights to the team. Overall, Mavi is a famous player in India, and he is also gaining popularity on the Global Front.

#8. Tanmay “Scoutop” Singh – Fnatic

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One of the most prominent names on the list is that of Tanmay Singh. He is the most popular PUBG player, and he is not just a hero in virtual gaming, but he is also a hero in the e-gaming field. Tanmay has been fond of soccer, and he also represented his stated Kolkata at the national level in soccer. All these sports help him bring in his interest in PUBG, and his talent has helped him climb the charts in less than six months. You might not know this, but Tanmay suffered from a sports injury during the soccer match, and because of the six months bed rest, he started playing PUBG. Tanmay is known for his assault game, and he is associated with Fnatic. Fnatic has temporarily loaned him to Orange Rock, and he is performing equally well there. Because of him, Fnatic managed to finish second place during the Indian Premiership 2024 Summer Season of PUBG. In all the games that we witnessed, Tanmay showed excellent leadership skills that helped him in ensuring longevity during the matches.

#9. Vivek Aabhaas ‘ClutchGod’ Horo – TSM

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The next player on our list is Vivek, and he is known by the name of ClutchGod. He has been an important player when it comes to the esport scene in India. He was earlier associated with Revenge Esports, and after winning the PUBG Mobile India tour of 2019, he switched his partner. At present, he is associated with TSM, which is also known as Team Solo Mid. Since he came to light, he has developed massively in terms of the game and personality. During most of the tournament matches, Vivek contributed, and his team finished either first or second. This was the trend that we noticed in 2024. He is the captain cool of his team, and he plays with a calm and composed mindset. Because of all these qualities, Vivek can lead his team out of danger, and he often provides unmatched leadership skills to his team.

#10. Jonathan ‘Jonathan’ Amaral – TSM

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While we are talking about Team Solo Mid, we would also like to talk about another team player. The name of this underdog is Jonathan, and he is one of the start-studded players of the team. He plays the frontline assaulter’s role, and he is quite an important entity in the team. He is often seen playing with zero recoil guns, and he uses spray control very well, apart from being involved with Indian tournaments and international tournaments. He is very popular a Global scale, and during 2024, he ranked four on the Asian scale of best players. He also made a lot of contribution in the 2019 season of PMCO Globals.


With this, we are going to conclude the list of the best PUBG players in India. These players are incredibly talented, and everyone can learn a lot of things from them. There are many more players in India who managed to earn the respect of the public. The lists are very dynamic, and the rankings keep on shifting. It would certainly be interesting to know the future of these PUBG Players, and it would also be interesting to know about the future of the tournaments and Indian Gaming Culture. For more such interesting articles, stay turned on our blog and do not forget to check other reviews and articles that we have posted on this amazingly engaging blog. Please share it with your friends and family and help them in learning new things.

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