10 Best Free Fire Player In India for 2024

Online multiplayer gaming, especially Battle Royal games has gained immense popularity in the past few years. With numerous games in the category in both iOS and android play store. With great entertainment, these games offer users tons of happiness and a way to kill their spare time.

Free fire, PUB-G, Call of Duty along many other multiplayer online games have gained enormous popularity in India. And though there are numerous games in the category, these three are the most popular ones out in the country. Recently, during the Chinese apps ban in India, PUB-G is not currently available for the buyers, and there is no surety about the Call of Duty too. However, one such game that is equally entertaining and completely safe for the gamers and is gaining the interest of online players is Free Fire. For the hardcore gamers who are looking forward to having a game in their mobiles and other gaming consoles which they can play for hours without any repetitive gameplay or frames, the Free Fire is one of the most reliable game to go with.

The game works on the same platform as the other games available in the market and you can easily know about the popularity of the game by looking at the rating and fan following of the game on both iOS and Google’s play store. Also, Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular and downloaded games of the year 2024. And the trend is still on in the year 2024 and if you are looking for an exciting Battle Royale game and want to try your skills on this one, this is the best time to try on this amazing game from Garena. Try your hands on this brilliant game, and Free Fire is not going to disappoint you at all.

Made by the 111 Dots Studios and published Garena, Free Fire is an exciting Battle Royale game and is a great option for gamers who are looking for an alternative for PUB-G. With better strategy and outstanding gameplay, Free Fire is an ideal choice for all gamers who are after the best-in-class gaming experience without wasting too much data.

As the game is popular among gamers across the country, there are numerous videos and live streaming channels on YouTube that can help you know more about the game. However, if you are looking to know more about the game and want to know how you can play the game with perfection, there are a few hardcore gamers in India to follow. These gamers have both skills and time to spend on the game to explore various brilliant ways to win the game and get a better score even if you are not too aware of the game and strategy to follow.

Top ten free fire players in India

In this section, we are going to talk about the ten most popular and top-rated Free fire players who have great stats and records. Have a look at these, and you are going to learn numerous new things from their gameplay. Let’s get started.

#1. TSG Jash

img source: sportskreeda.com

Free Fire ID: 123643969

For those gamers who are looking for the best-in-class gamer and know the strategy for scoring better in Free Fire, the first gamer on our list is TSG Jash. He is one of the best gamers for Free fire and the TSG squad is undoubtedly the top gamer you can follow. With the brilliant performance in every type of battle, this is a perfect group to follow if you are looking for the real gaming experience for Free Fire.

Last year, the TSG Jash is amongst the finalists in the Fire Asia Invitational and has a brilliant track record in gaming. With the better track records and kills, TSG has numerous Booyahs in his gaming career that can easily show his skills and strategies for scoring better during the game.

The above-listed stats can help you know how good the TSG Jash Squad is in the game and how efficient is his game strategy. SO, follow him and learn the tactics to earn more Booyahs by adapting his and your own game plan.

#2. Sudip Sarkar

img source: business-cash.pw

Sudip Sarkar is another great gamer if you are talking specifically about the Free Fire Battle Royale. With an excellent track record and great game plan, Sudip Sarkar has a brilliant fan following when it comes to gaming. He also owns a YouTube gaming channel names GYAN GAMING that has over 2 lakh subscribers. This clearly shows his skills and effectiveness of the game plan.

Though he has great skills in every category and combat category, you need to see his skills during the hot-drop close combats. Believe us guys, for us, he is one of the best Free fire gamers in India and secures a great position when it comes to global rankings too. Another info that can help you know about the gaming skills of Sudip Sarkar is his standing in the top 22% of players across the globe in Free Fire’s season 12.

So, if you are looking to follow a hardcore gamer that has both skills and a game plan that never fails, Sudip Sarkar can be the person for you.

#3. Nayeem Alam

img source: ytimg.com

For those readers who are looking to know about the experienced gamer who has great skills and knows how to score well in gameplay, Nayeem Alam will be a great person to follow. With the better kill rate and over 1000 squad games in every single Free Fire season till now, Nayeem Alam is undoubtedly one of the finest players in India.

Though you can learn a lot from his skills, he usually can be seen playing in Squad mode. So, if you also have an interest in Squad mode and want to learn more about the game mode, Nayeem Alam is the right person to follow.

Apart from being an extremely popular gamer, Nayeem Alam has a great YouTube fan-following of over 1 lakh subscribers.

#4. Raistar

img source: sportskeeda.com

For the readers who are looking for a gamer who has consistent performance throughout the seasons and has excellent gaming skills, Raistar can be a great person to follow. The flawless skills and strategies of Raistar make him one of the most loved Free Fire players across the country. The numerous fans and great gaming skills make him a popular person in the world of Free Fire.

Apart from India, Raistar also has numerous fans across the globe and the only reason behind this enormous popularity is his gaming skills. With a great headshot and KD ratio, Raistar is undoubtedly one of the best Free Fire players in India.

With a great fan following across the globe, Raistar has a YouTube channel with over 3 lakh subscribers. In all, if you were looking for the flawless Free Fire gaming and skills that are meant to bow down with respect, Raistar is one of the persons you should not ignore.

#5. JIGS

img source: sportskeeda.com

IF you are looking for the finest and most entertaining Free Fire player in India, then there is a good probability that most of the users will suggest you to follow JIGS. Talking about the skills of JIGS, the fact that he ranks in the top 1% of the Free Fire rankings describes it all.

Additionally, he owns the Heroic tier milestone that itself is very rare and hard to earn. This, along with many other things makes JIGS one of the finest Free Fire players in India. You can easily see him on the Squad mode of Free Fire and if you are looking forward to follow a great personality and gamer that owns the skills to impress, JIGS is the right choice for you.

#6. BOLT

img source: sportskeeda.com

Bolt is another top-level gamer for Free Fire. With the excellent close combat skills and outstanding game plan to defeat enemies. IN all, if you are talking about the top ten gamers for Free Fire in India, your list can’t be completed without BOLT. The excellent skills of BOLT make it literally mesmerizing to see him playing.

With over 3+ K/D ratio (amongst the best in the game universe), headshot ratio of over 20, Bolt offers a great experience if you are just watching him play.

In all, if you are looking for learning game strategy and shooting skills, you should follow Bolt.

#7. TSG Ritik

img source: sportskeeda.com

TSG Ritik is a playmate of TGS Jash and is equally skillful as him. With excellent gaming and group leading skills, TSG Ritik is also one of the top 22% Free Fire players in the world. With the excellent shooting and close combat skills, TSG Ritik is a great gamer to follow. He and his squad has participated in many national and international tournaments and stood well in all the seasons of the game.

In all, if you are looking for a gamer who has better shooting skills and a great game plan, TSG Ritik will be a great person to follow. HE also secured Diamond 1 rank in the Free Fire season 12.

#8. Rakesh 0007

img source: ytimg.com

Regardless of the game you play, the most important thing in the Battle Royale games is the experience. And if you are looking for one of the most experienced and refined players in India for Free, Fire, Rakesh 007 can’t be skipped. With the great skills and KD rate of over 6, Rakesh 0007 is one of the most popular gamers in the field.

Also, if you are looking for an inspirational gamer, he is probably the best one to follow. Rakesh 0007 is a member of BOSS Guild and has played over 20000 squad games in his career. With the seamless gameplay and effective game plan for every mode of the game, Rakesh 0007 is undoubtedly a great gamer that you can follow to learn gaming skills.

#9. Ajjubhai94

img source: sportskeeda.com

Another gamer that you can follow in order to learn more about Free fire and the strategy to follow during the gameplay is AjjuBhai94. As a member of Team I of Arrow Clan, AjjuBhai94 is one of the most skillful players of Free Fire in India. With a score of 3000, he is one of the most popular and skillful players in the country.

Also, he secures his place in the top 11% of players across the globe and if you are looking for the best game plan and strategy that you can follow and amend as per your skills, AjjuBhai94 can be a great person to follow. With a great K/D ratio and headshots, AJjuBhai is a great person to watch while. Follow him and you will learn numerous new strategies from him.

He is usually seen in the Squad mode and if you are looking to master playing the squad mode, he can help you design a flawless strategy.

#10. GyanSujan

img source: ytimg.com

GyanSujan from the YouTube channel Gyan Gaming is another popular pro-gamer that you can follow if you are fond of Free Fire. With the excellent shooting skills and game plan, GyanSujan scored a global rank of 27. This shows how skillful gamer he is and how beneficial can it be for you if you follow him for learning the game.

In addition to the gameplay, GyanSujan’s YouTube channel also has some great tips and tricks for the new Free Fire players who are looking to establish themselves in the game universe. So, whether you are after the gameplay or strategy, or after the tips to perform better during the game, GyanSujan can be extremely beneficial for you.

So, these were the ten gamers who have better playing strategies than many other Free Fire players in India. If you are new to the game and want to know more about gameplay and the strategy, you should once have a look at these gamers and believe us guys, there are several things that you can learn from them when it comes to scoring better in Free Fire and similar other Battle Royale games available for different mobile platforms.

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