Maximizing Your Chances of Approval: A Guide to Sponsorship Licence Applications

A large number of people have the desire to continue their education outside their country, to work for a big brand that is located outside the country, or to improve their education in one of the other countries that offer excellent study conditions. Often they decide on some of the countries in Europe where the English language is used, but also on some of the countries that constantly offer some of the opportunities that we have already mentioned above. The most common choice is the UK for a large part of people who want to work or study, but in order to succeed in this, the person who will receive them needs to obtain a sponsorship license, that is, each of your companies must obtain approval for a person who does not is from the UK.

What exactly is it about? It is a document approved by the UK immigration authorities, which is a permit for a person coming from another country to be in the UK for work or part of an educational process. This document needs to be provided by the company that employs the person, that is, any company or educational institution that wants to hire a foreign citizen needs to apply for a sponsorship license. In this way, it is made known that the person has a residence and that the company or university will take care of him from the aspects covered by the license. But a large number of companies are wondering what to do to make getting the license more reliable.

All that is required is that each of the companies adheres to the conditions set by the immigration office, and some of the things that are important and that you need to pay attention to are brought to you today so that you can maximize your chances. Find out much more information in the sequel. Let’s get started!

In order to successfully obtain the sponsorship license, it would be best to first seek help from a law firm


Most companies want to be sure that they will succeed in obtaining their sponsor’s license. But this document, which has the function of a permit, is obtained only if all the conditions that the institutions of the UK have foreseen are met. And how best to meet the requirements and deliver everything that needs to be delivered? It is best to do it by asking for advice or through the full engagement of a legal company that would take care of the complete documentation and everything that you as a company have to fulfill in order to get a sponsorship license.

It is important to give assurance that you will take care of the person who will work in your company

The first and most important factor is to make it known that you will take care of the person you want to work for you and provide all the conditions that person needs. If you guarantee this, in that case, you will get the license very easily and simply. All that is required is to provide proof that the person will have the correct place of residence and sufficient finances to start living in the UK. This is perhaps the most important condition that applies to the person himself, and everything else is up to your company. What should you as a company focus on? Let’s see it in the sequel.

What is it that the companies have to submit and is it within the norm to be able to get a sponsorship license?


When it comes to obtaining this document, it is important to know that it is necessary to fulfill conditions set by the institutions in the UK. Some of the conditions need to be met in terms of the person coming to the UK, but other conditions need to be met by the company itself. What is it that the companies themselves need to fulfill in order to maximize any chance of obtaining a sponsorship license? More on this below.

  1. It is important to show that all taxes have been paid

The most important thing that every company needs to prove is that all taxes are settled on time. This is one of the conditions that are considered the main ones in the process of obtaining the license, so if you are a company, you need to prove that everything that is due to you as an obligation is settled on time.

  1. It is important to show a report for the past year in which everything is clean and there are no debts

Another thing that a company should present is the performance report in terms of finances. This report needs to be clean, everything in it needs to be in order, without any debts and without any debt relationships to other legal entities.

  1. It is necessary to prove that the company is liquid

Another thing that can be a factor in obtaining a sponsorship license is the liquidity of the company. Any business that wants to take on a person from outside the UK needs to demonstrate that it is liquid and able to pay wages and cover its operating costs in order to obtain this important document.



Although the procedure for obtaining a sponsorship license for companies in the UK seems exhausting, there are certain rules that must be followed. That is why it is good first of all to have a legal office that you will cooperate with in order to receive this document in a timely manner. They will help you to have all the documents in time, submit them and get the document. On the other hand, it is necessary to follow the rules that must be respected, that is, to prove that you can be excellent employers for people coming from outside the UK and give them the working conditions they deserve. Obtaining the sponsorship license is possible, it is only necessary to complete the procedure.