3 Used Car Parts you Should Always Buy From a Junkyard

Are you someone who loves to take care of your car, but you don’t want to fix every little detail at your mechanics? Let’s be real, those mechanic bills can get pretty high and impossible to keep track of. Luckily, that’s why there are always some other solutions that you can consider, such as heading out to the junkyard and doing the process yourself! In fact, you can buy some old & used parts there, and save yourself from a headache, as well as bankruptcy. Keep on reading and understand your options.

So, is it worth it?

A lot of people will wonder if this process is even worth their time. You have to move to different locations and find the perfect part for your car. Some models are vintage & more complex than others. On the other hand, some race cars can be tricky to fix, and their parts are impossible to find. It is up to you to decide if you’re fine spending a couple of hours finding ”the one” piece, instead of spending hundreds of dollars right away at your mechanics. In the end, this is quite individual and different for everyone.

Why you should use used parts?

Buying used parts means helping the environment while also supporting your local business. These two reasons are already good enough to begin with, wouldn’t you agree? You get to act eco-friendly while also supporting your locals and neighbors. However, let’s not forget to mention that you will be saving money & that you will feel great about DIY-ing your own solution, instead of just leaving the car at your mechanic.

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What are the different kinds of a junkyard?

You can choose between full-service or self-service in most states or countries. It is essential to know which one you are using before you visit, as well as to know their pros & cons. For instance:

  • Self-service means that you will have to remove the parts on your own. You should also find the vehicle with the parts you need.
  • At the full-service, the professionals will do the process for you. They will remove your old parts and will set up the new ones.
  • Full-service can be a bit pricier, but this will depend a lot from one place and one location to the other.

Which parts to consider getting from a junkyard

Some parts are more affordable than others. This means that you should do your research before you make your purchase or a final decision. Think about getting doors, bumpers, fenders, as well as mirrors. These are easily found in every junkyard + they are easy to set up and customize based on your car.

On the other hand, you should never buy used parts that are vital to your performance and your car. Most mechanics don’t recommend using breaking pads, as well as seatbelts since your life depends on them, literally.  Make sure that you avoid rust and corrosion since these are visible signs of everything being old, or even failing.

Top 3 parts to consider buying at a junkyard

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  1. Alternators

These are often purchased by people who are trying to save their money. Alternators are responsible for your power and powering of electrical parts of the car. It can get pretty pricey on the market, but you will appreciate its variety at the junkyard.

  1. Transmission

Transmission is often found at this location. Transmission has the potential to total the vehicle due to its cost.

  1. Get some tires

A tire is pretty pricey, and imagine getting four of them – it can add up. If your car is older and you are used to driving it around with used tires, you won’t mind going for some used ones. However, don’t buy some that are older than six years – just check the code stamped on the sidewall of their manufacturing.

How can you find the best part at a junkyard?

You can ask a friend for help, or you can ask your mechanic as well. You are allowed to bring company and to have them assist you at the junkyard. Who knows, you might need that manpower after all? You can also subscribe to some newsletters, browse through different sites, as well as newspapers when finding your go-to car part & location.

What you should know before you go

You should always practice this process and this task on your own before you commit to it. Compare the pieces and do the process slowly and without feeling rushed. Make sure that you bring all of your needed tools and your equipment. This mostly applies to the oil, gloves, gear, as well as your screwdriver and hammer. Do the research and some minor preparations before you head out.

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What to expect?

Heads up, since you are more than likely going to get into a lot of mess. The sight is not pretty nor clean, and it can be challenging to navigate around it. However, you can get help from their staff and workers, as long as you ask nicely & if they are friendly. Make sure that you don’t grab any sharp rusty objects, nails, glass, and other hazards. Wear gloves and proper shoes to prevent yourself from any injuries.

If you are a rookie and a newbie stepping to this location for the first time we highly recommend that you bring someone with you for assistance.

Are there some other options to consider?

Well, you can always think about getting your car to the location, but how about you check your options online before you head out? No reason to head out and go on a hunt, just click here and see over 325 million parts thanks to the practical inventory feature & search option. You can find parts for any vehicle and enjoy the service, no matter where you live! Simply select the year and the model of your car, and see the quote!

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