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Best 10 Pulse Oximeter Brand in India for 2024

Until the spread of the covid-19 pandemic, many us didn’t know what a pulse oximeter was. Most of the homes didn’t have a pulse oximeter until that time, and the usage was mostly restricted to hospitals, clinics, and first-aid centres. Pulse Oximeter became very important after realizing that one of the symptoms of covid-19 is the reducing oxygen level in the blood. These days pulse oximeter has become a part of the home-based first-aid kit, and it is necessary to have one with yourself.

Even if you are not suffering from covid-19, the pulse oximeter can help you in case of an emergency or cardiovascular complications. It is worth having a pulse oximeter available at your home so that you can address any life-threatening emergency. Another good thing that happened is the reduction in the price of the pulse oximeter. Earlier, they used to be expensive, but after the increase in demand, many new brands stepped into the market, which reduced the overall cost of the pulse oximeter.

Because of the global pandemic, it becomes essential to have an accurate pulse oximeter. Buying a low-quality Chinese product is not an option because inaccuracy in the reading can delay medical attention, and this could prove fatal. We would recommend you to buy only the branded pulse oximeter as you can trust their reliability. Purchasing the branded option will also ensure that you get customer support when you need to. Remember that if you notice a SpO2 level of anything less than 95%, you would need to immediately contact the doctor. Apart from this, if someone in your family suffers from respiratory or cardio disease, you can even keep a can of portable oxygen at your home. 

Today, you can find the pulse oximeters at a very affordable cost, and there are many options available. The next big question is which brand you should choose while buying a pulse oximeter to get accurate results when you are taking a reading. Well, we did our research, and we scanned almost every brand available in India. After going through this exhausting process, we came up with a list of top 10 brands available in India for the pulse oximeter. You can go through the list in the section below and purchase according to your requirements.

Top 10 best Pulse Oximeter Brands in India

Below is the list of best pulse oximeter brands in India, and you can quickly go over them to find out the brand that you should choose the product from. There are multiple options available from most of the brand, so you can also go through these offerings to select the product. Apart from this, you can look out for other essential features and specifications before you choose the pulse oximeter.

#1. Dr Trust Dr Trust Oximeter

At number 1, we will talk about the best brand when it comes to medical devices. Yes, we are talking about Dr Trust, and it is one of the best brand available in India. Fortunately for us, the pulse oximeter from this brand are available easily in the market. They are sleek, and they look modern as well. Talking more about the brand, you can be assured about the quality and reliability of Dr Trust. One thing that we love about the brand is the fact that it integrates an audio and visual alarm in all its pulse oximeters. These alarms can notify you in case of an emergency, and it helps the patient get immediate attention. The perfusion index of the pulse oximeter offered by Dr Trust is also as low as 0.2%, and it is undoubtedly an advantage. If you do not mind spending a little extra, then go ahead and blindly buy any pulse oximeter from Dr Trust.

#2. Dr Morepen

Dr Morepen Oximeter

Dr Morepen is one of the highly regarded brands available to the global consumers. It manufactures a lot of medical equipment, and it also manufactures pulse oximeters. The pulse oximeter from this brand is highly accurate, and it comes loaded with the feature. The dual OLED screen on the pulse oximeter from Dr Morepen makes it easy for you to take the readings. The coloured display is one of the primary requirement because it ensures that you are not misreading the information on the screen. Apart from measuring the SpO2 levels, the pulse oximeter from Dr Morepen displays the pulse waveform, pulse rate and pulse bar. You can change the screen orientation by the press of a button. Do not worry about the battery of the pulse oximeter as it lasts very long. If you are buying the pulse oximeter from Dr Morepen, you can be assured of the quality, and you will always get an accurate reading while taking measurements.

#3. BPL Medical Tech

BPL Medical Tech

At number 2, the brand that we have is BPL. This brand is one of the most accurate brands available in the market, and the pulse oximeter from BPL is not too expensive either. The brand uses highly advanced technology to measure the SpO2 levels accurately, and it also detects your heart rate with accuracy. While buying the pulse oximeter from BPL, we want you to ensure that you are buying it only from the authorized resellers. This way, you can avoid any counterfeit medical device sold in the market. You can use the pulse oximeter from BPL in clinical settings, which guarantees you with a high level of accuracy.

#4. OmronOmron Oximeter

The next option available in the market is from Omron. This brand is known for BP monitors, and it also manufactures pulse oximeter. Omron is known for reliability, accuracy, and customer support. The pulse oximeter from Omron will display all the standard metrics, and they also feature one-button operation. The brand uses AAA batteries to power the pulse oximeter, and they are very easy to find. You will get one year warranty when you buy a product from Omron. The pulse oximeter from Omron also has a battery level indicator available on the screen so that you can be prepared for a battery replacement in advance. Overall, the pulse oximeter from Omron is very reliable, and if you are looking for a well-branded pulse oximeter, you can consider this option without any hesitation. You can also check out other offerings available from the brand.

#5. HesleyHesley Oximeter

The only German brand on our list is Hesley, and the pulse oximeter from Hesley is an example of the marvellous engineering. Apart from displaying the regular readings, the pulse oximeter from Hesley can be programmed to turn off the audio warning, display the analysis result, store the readings and setting the alarm limits at different levels. The screen of the pulse oximeter from Hesley also features an auto-rotation display. The accuracy associated with the brand has a margin of error of just 1%. The brand ensures that its pulse oximeter is splash-proof, and that is the reason why you can always travel with the pulse oximeter from Hesley. You would have come across options with the automatic off feature, but this model even features an automatic-on system. If you are looking for the best pulse oximeter, buy the one from Hesley, and we assure you about the quality associated with the brand.

#6. MicrotekMicrotek Oximeter

Microtek is a pioneer when it comes to electronic devices. The brand manufactures many electronics, and it also stepped into the medical domain with its pulse oximeter. Microtek only manufactures one pulse oximeter, but it is one of the best option considering the reliability and the cost that it is available for. It features one touch operation, and the screen of the pulse oximeter is also bright. Apart from SpO2, the pulse oximeter also displays the heart rate of the person. The power source used by the pulse oximeter from Microtek is also AAA batteries. Apart from this, the brand offers you a warranty of 1 year, and hence your purchase is covered from any manufacturing defect. We would recommend you review the offering from Microtek, and we are sure that you will love the brand.

#7. ChoicemmedChoicemmed Oximeter

Another highly rated brand available in India is Choicemmed, and the brand offers affordable pulse oximeter to the people in India. The pulse oximeter from this brand is accurate & reliable. Apart from this, it takes just 10 seconds to get a precise reading using this pulse oximeter. If you are involved in sports, adventure activities or medical domain, you can go ahead and buy the pulse oximeter from Choicemmed and be assured of the quality associated with the brand. The figure chamber of the pulse oximeter from Choicemmed is sturdy, and it would the mechanism would not break even with the long term usage. The brand provides one year warranty on its products, and you will get all the regular accessories like the LAN yard and batteries.

#8. SenseQSenseQ oximeter

If you give a lot of importance to accuracy, you can also check out the offerings available from SenseQ. This brand is available in India, and the pulse oximeter from SenseQ are pretty accurate. SenseQ is a subsidiary of AccuSure; there is no need to doubt the reliability associated with the brand. You should note that this brand is a premium option, and hence you end up paying slightly higher for the pulse oximeter. The oxygen concentration, pulse rate and the graph are displayed on the integrated OLED Display of the pulse oximeter. The pulse oximeter from the brand also features Auto Power Off to conserve the batteries. With one year warranty, the offerings from SenseQ are certainly worth the price.

#9. MeditiveMeditive Oximeter

The next option that we have on our list is from Meditive. This brand has the highest user review rating, and this is the advantage of buying pulse oximeter from Meditive. Many users have trusted the brand, and it is mainly because of the accuracy associated with it. The pulse oximeter from Meditive displays all the measurements like Blood Oxygen, Pulse Rate, Perfusion Index and Respiratory Rate. Apart from this, the energy consumption of the pulse oximeter from Meditive is very low, and it shuts-off itself when it is not in use for more than 8 seconds. The brand also gives you an OLED screen in the pulse oximeter, and this screen is easy to read in bright light situations. Lastly, Meditive offers one year warranty on the pulse oximeter, and the brand makes an excellent choice for the people looking for a premium pulse oximeter.

#10. AccuSureAccuSure Oximeter

We understand that the people’s requirements vary in budget and hence what is suitable for one person may prove to be expensive for the other person. In such a case, we would recommend you to check out the pulse oximeter from AccuSure. This brand promotes affordability, and hence the pulse oximeter from Accusure is available at an affordable price. The regular models from the brand have all the features except for the OLED Screen, and it helps the brand keep the cost low. The pulse oximeter measures the pulse rate, SpO2 levels and the results are accurate. The brand also uses anti-motion measurement technology in its pulse oximeter to help you with precise measurements. Lastly, the pulse oximeter from AccuSure can continuously monitor the oxygen level, and it can raise the alarm when the measurement falls below the caution point. 

Final Verdict

This was all about the pulse oximeter brands available in India. You can go through them one by one and check out which brand meets your requirements. You can also browse through eCommerce stores like Amazon to look at the different range of products available with them. On such stores, you will usually find all the brands with wide options available. Do not just go by the reviews of the brands or products but check the specifications of these pulse oximeter to ensure that you are buying nothing but the best. If you still have any questions about pulse oximeter, you can reach out to us, and we will surely help you by answering your questions. Thank You.

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